Junkyard Jems – The Europeans – Lancia Zagato, Saab, Opel GT, Triumph, Mercedes, Fiat, Alfa, MG, BMW… and Lada?

PART TWO: The Europeans

And now…. for something completely different!

You may not know this about your humble scribe — but when not writing about brand-new cars all day long, he is often found roaming around auto junkyards.

Junkyards are so alluring and entertaining for a real car nut; they have a pull of the exotic, the mysterious, and the unknown at almost every visit.

Sure, most of the cars will be old Dodge Neons and unloved Isuzu Rodeos — but there is that rare chance of finding a diamond in the rough.

Here are some favorite European cars I have found over the years. There are a few rare ones in here, which I will highlight at the beginning.

Junkyard Jems – The Europeans – Triumph, Mercedes, Fiat, Alfa, MG, BMW… and Lada?

  • Opel GT stack

  • 1981 Lancia Beta ZAGATO


  • SAAB V4







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