Supercar Icons – 1992 JAGUAR XJ220 Still Enchants the Eye and Mind, 22 Years Later

Of all the many car models in my collection as a kid, the XJ220 was a real favorite. Hours spent caressing its smooth panels – and visually dissecting it from all sides. Moving it around in my hands, it was forever more captivating than the Diablo or F40 that also sat nearby in the bookcase.

While its doors and hood and front trunk all opened, it was the shallow lock of the steering action that really stood out. Was it so unwieldy in real life too?

Of the 280 cars made in 1992 and 1993, there are very few available to buy today. Prices are running at $300,000 even for two cars sold recently on eBay – of all places.

Oh how the mighty must fall back to Earth one day…

This Jag will definitely be a keeper for the ages, however. Still mesmerizing to behold, even 22 years later.

Here is a study of the XJ220 with her Jaguar namesake.

1992 JAGUAR XJ220

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