Sportscar Legacies: Then and Now – 2012 Renault Alpine A110-50 Is A Blend of 1964 M64 and A110 Berlinette

Just a few days after Bastille Day lit up France with fireworks, we honor of the Alpine M64 article yesterday and now the Alpine A110-50 Concept?

We, monsieur.

This 2012 concept is still on the road to limited production – but Renault will go it alone versus its previous joint-venture with Caterham. It is such a small-volume project that the cars will be largely hand-assembled halo supercars anyway, so the RenaultSport team is more than capable of finalizing it solo.

The design of this 2012 concept is a nicely blend of the M64 and the A110, in fact, but is of course much bigger than both. The A110 in person is absolutely tiny – photos do its extremely low height no justice. The Alpine team matched the color just right for this concept – but it is likely to wear a different face altogether when it hits the roads some time in 2015 or 2016.

2012 Apline A110-50 Concept


Alpine A110 1600S Berlinette

1964 Alpine M64

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