MEGA Road Test Review – 2015 Hyundai Sonata Is Like A Value-Added Audi A6 – Choice Between Lux or Sport Dynamics

MEGA Road Test Review – 2015 Hyundai Sonata Is Like A Value-Added Audi A6 – Choice Between Lux or Sport Dynamics


If you are keeping track, this is perhaps the fifth article in a series covering the 2015 Sonata’s launch. We were fortunate enough to attend the big event the other week and have been working up to this: the definitive review!

After much consideration, the new Sonata reminds me most of the Audi A6 2.0T – in size, what it offers buyers, and in overall appeal. Shocking, right? Especially with the Sonata’s base pricing in the $20,000’s that is barely half the Audi. This comparison might seem ridiculous, but it is valid for a number of reasons once you spend time in the high-quality cabin out on the road.

Included in this article is a full review, tech specs and features availability toward the bottom of the page. Comparisons between the Sport (red and orange cars) and the Limited (white cars) are extensive, and be sure to browse the hundreds of new photos from around scenic Montgomery, Alabama near where the Sonata is built.

Let’s break the review structure into the usual Exterior, Interior, Driving impressions and Summary/Scores.


At first glance, the 2015 Sonata appears to throw out much of the 2010-2014 car’s unique swoopy design in favor of a much more staid approach. The inverted side panels are now much more demure, while the nose looks taller and less-futuristic than ever before.

In profile, that first impression seems to be reinforced by a tall-looking roof and large cabin that barely seemed present previously. A clean and simple tail setup replaces the wild shapes of the older Sonata’s lighting elements for a much more conservative approach.

These first thoughts are both right and wrong. Right in that the car is much more refined and mature in its surfacing and details, but wrong in tossing out the old car’s appeal. The latest Sonata simply develops and hones the good features from before, and now shapes them into a much more timeless and more-premium shape.

In person, the car is really quiet handsome – with a refinement and restraint in the style that will still be sexy and modern in 2019. The risk with the previous Sonata is that its looks would date rapidly. That has, in fact, been true on the market. That car looks less current than even four years since its initial debut to rave reviews and stunned shoppers.


Here is the 2015 Sonata’s ace: there are Sport and regular trim levels offered at both powertrain levels. The Sport is far more youthful and fun-looking, with a nose devoid of the heavy chrome that covers the Limited and Eco cars. Dark lower air intakes add aggression, while sill extensions and a big rear diffuser accent in back complete the look. A mini trunklid spoiler and dual (2.4L) or quad (2.0T) exhaust pipes are the icing on the cake — along with the LED lighting and larger wheels that transform the Sport’s design appeal versus the Limited.

In addition to style, there are serious benefits to the Sport and especially the Sport 2.0T trim… scroll down to the Driving Impressions section for all the details…



There are noticeable differences between the trims in many regards, but they all share a similarly outstanding cabin. It is well-built, well-finished and extremely refined on the road.

Best of all, the seats and driving position are universally excellent in every trim. They are firm and supportive – especially so in the Sport trim, but still very European in the lux-oriented Limited and Eco models.

Tech-wise, the upgraded eight-inch nav is the best of the lot, of course, with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto ready-to-go from day one — the Sonata is the first car ever to have both built right into the OEM unit.

The below photo sets show some of the different moods between the Limited and the Sport — they are both very attractive in person. Despite hating almost all wood panels these days, the striated wood design in the Limited is extremely desirable and looks Audi-like in its premium aspirations.

The Audi-like comparison extends to many other subtle parts of the cabin – things you might not notice on the first drive but certainly will over the life of the car. Things like the tight and well-stitched headreads with a pillow leather surface wrap, the tech-fabric headliner, and the mesh wind deflector of the panoramic glass moonroof.


INTERIOR – 2015 Hyundai Sonata Limited


INTERIOR – 2015 Hyundai Sonata Sport 2.0T


The 2015 Sonata is extremely smooth and refined across all of its trim levels. The car feels exceptionally smooth and silent at idle – with even extra-silent fan blowers for the potent AC keeping a luxury mood. Insulation and body rigidity feel excellent, with a very good sense of cabin assembly quality. Everything is flush and fits tight – which is a huge advantage versus the Malibu and Fusion in particular. As new, the domestic sedans can still feel fragile inside – like any hard tug might dislodge the trims completely. THis is all fine when new – but after a few years, that trim will be rattly and might in fact fall off.

So the Sonata is quiet and large and very comfortable. The car’s drive with an impressive and premium feel right from the first time you nudge the shifter into drive. There is a great weighty feel to the gear-level, as it moves into drive with a precision but ultra-re-assuring drive selection. Hard to describe, but a premium feel for sure.

Once on the move, the Sport feels far nicer to drive in all ways. The seats with extra sport bolsters and a D-shaped flat-bottom wheel are much more special, with a driving position that feels lower and leaner in all ways.

The brake inputs and throttle are progressive and weighty in all trims, but the brakes on the Sport 2.0T are much more powerful and reassuring. A floor-mounted throttle pedal is a German-style touch that makes the Sonata feel much classier than its $23,000 base pricing would suggest.


The 2.4-liter base-engine Sonata is smooth and eager to rev but feels very, very relaxed on full throttle. By relaxed, I mean it feels pretty sluggish, in honesty.

Alternatively, the Sport has a more eager throttle response and the Sport 2.0-liter Turbo is legitimately entertaining. It is pretty quick! The car has gobs of low-end torque and a flat plateau of power all over the tachometer.

When floored and driven hard, the Sport 2.oT is encouraging and likes to be driven hard. The Eco, Normal and Sport settings do help make the car more in-tune with your mood, with Sport itself being the best mix for eager drivers.


How seriously has Hyundai taken auto writer critiques about its steering feel on older models? Very seriously!

So much so that the Sport 2.oT has a twin-motor electric steering rack. Firmer mounting points all around and this new hardware for the electronic steering make all the difference in the world. The whole nose feels tighter and the inputs are much more faithfully put to the tires. The rack is weighty but quick and gives true road feel.

In contrast, the regular 2.4-liter Sonata is more gummy and less-accurate under big turn inputs, especially when braking or accelerating at the same time. The standard unit just seems to have a bit more play and movement in its control of the tires, which makes the driver work harder to keep the car going where he wants.

This steering is exclusive to the turbo Sport 2.0T — not the 2.4L Sport — so it is a premium feature. But for Audi-like poise, it is a must.



— Great Value, roominess, refinement and cabin quality

— Cooled seats up front are divine

— Appealing, mature and timeless style with standard LEDs up front

— Sport and Limited trim choices tailored to buyer priorities.

— Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are both standard on tech package cars with Nav



EXTERIOR – 8/10 – Sport scores big cool points with quad pipes in back

INTERIOR – 10/10 – Leather quality, seats and design paired with awesome features and tech

DRIVING – 8/10 – All are easy and refined, but the Sport 2.0T is the one for canyon carvers


Official Details from Hyundai Below.

Sonata Evolves with Fluidic Sculpture 2.0 Design Language and Class-Above Features

NEW YORK, April 16, 2014 – Hyundai today introduced its all-new seventh-generation 2015 Sonata at the New York International Auto Show. Following the incredible success of the outgoing Sonata, the all-new generation offers a more refined look through a new Fluidic Sculpture 2.0 design language, stiffer body structure, better ride quality, reduced noise, vibration and harshness and advanced safety and convenience features. Sonata truly democratizes the premium design and convenient technology of the Genesis sedan for the mid-size class. The new 2015 Hyundai Sonata will be built at the Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Alabama plant in Montgomery, Ala. and go on sale early this summer.


The 2011 Sonata raised the bar for design in the mid-size sedan segment when it was introduced in 2009. Consumers noticed the groundbreaking design and so did the competition. Sonata’s design matures for the 2015 model year with energetic and crisp lines complimented by smooth and subtle surfaces. Fluidic Sculpture 2.0 is a confident evolution of the original fluidic sculpture design language that perfectly expresses Sonata’s premium look and excellent value.

A larger, more refined grille with a wide air intake defines the face of the 2015 Sonata. Simple, harmonious lines adorn the exterior while hinting at the improved dynamic performance and human-machine connection Sonata provides. Taut, horizontal rocker panels reflect the chassis’ increased stability and surefootedness while the signature Sonata beltline is now stretched tight to accentuate the sedan’s strength. The coupe-like roofline remains, but it is balanced by a larger window graphic that emphasizes the roomier interior. Horizontal lines in the rear underscore Sonata’s width and give the car a planted look. This purposeful shape achieves a remarkable drag coefficient of just 0.27, lower than any non-hybrid in the mid-size sedan class.

Shoppers looking for a traditional design will appreciate the 2015 Sonata SE’s exterior styling that includes standard LED daytime running lights, 16-inch alloy wheels, a rear lip spoiler and chrome surround for the day light opening. Sonata Limited adds rocker panel extensions and dual exhaust for a premium look.

Sonata Sport features a more aggressive front grille and bumper, side rocker extensions and side chrome molding. Sport models powered by the 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine feature dual exhaust while Sport 2.0T models feature a unique rear bumper fascia, quad exhaust tips and 18-inch alloy wheels. The Sport model is expected to be the most popular Sonata. With the 2015 Hyundai Sonata Sport 2.0T, performance is something you taste and the Fluidic Sculpture 2.0 design language certainly whets the appetite.

“We crafted the shape of the 2015 Sonata in the same way an award-winning chef refines his recipe over the years,” said Chris Chapman, chief designer, Hyundai Design North America. “With the 2011 Sonata, Hyundai took the mid-size sedan from a meal to a gourmet dinner. The evolution to Fluidic Sculpture 2.0’s more taut, modern lines reflect the improvements in refinement and driving dynamics for 2015.”


Confident, energetic lines define the 2015 Sonata’s exterior and are complimented inside the cabin by a premium interior with a special emphasis on ergonomics. Intuitive buttons and controls are placed on the center stack, which is angled toward the driver to make the controls easier to reach. Hyundai’s core interior design principles are safety, intuitiveness and simplicity and Sonata delivers in spades.

Controls are grouped logically and placed in the most convenient position for the driver. To create a unified experience inside the cabin, designers met with various suppliers to make sure all buttons and switchgear have a consistent feel. The height of the display screen for the audio display or 8-inch navigation system and instrument cluster are optimized for visibility and reside on the same plane to enhance readability during a quick glance. These ergonomic enhancements help the driver remain focused on the road ahead and provide confidence behind the wheel.

All components inside the cabin were examined and opportunities for improvement were taken very seriously. Even the steering wheel went through extensive testing to determine the ideal diameter, shape and tactile feel to maximize driver confidence. Improvements in the design of the steering wheel and changes to the layout of the instrument cluster necessitated a new steering column design. Designers and engineers sweated every detail in their quest to make the interior as safe, intuitive and simple as possible while delivering convenient features with pleasing aesthetics.

Sonata Sport 2.0T receives a unique interior that enhances its more dynamic personality. A D-cut steering wheel and paddle shifters help provide the confidence enthusiastic drivers expect while the sport instrument cluster with six o’clock needle position hints at the improved performance from the more responsive 2.0-liter turbocharged engine.


Reducing undesired noise inside the cabin was a top priority for the 2015 Sonata. Engineers reduced the size of the apertures in the bulkhead and increased use of sound deadening materials in the dashboard to prevent unwanted noise from entering the cabin. Engine notes were tuned to be pleasing to the ear without being intrusive. More sound absorption materials are used under the floorpan and an underbody tray made of fibrous glass expansion board improves aerodynamics while reducing unwanted road noise.

The 2015 Sonata’s efficient packaging delivers outstanding passenger and interior volume. With 106.1 cu. ft. of passenger volume and a total interior volume of 122.4 cu. ft., 2015 Sonata is classified as a large car by the EPA.















Passenger volume (cu. ft.)








Cargo Volume (cu. ft.)








Total Interior Volume (cu. ft.)








EPA Size Classification









A rigid platform is essential for a great car. Everything from ride quality to crash test performance is enhanced with a stiffer platform. The 2015 Sonata uses advanced high-strength steel for more than 50 percent of total platform composition, which results in 41 percent stiffer torsional rigidity and 35 percent greater bending strength. Advanced high strength steel is twice as rigid as traditional steel while weighing 10 percent less. More hot-stamped components are used, especially in the B-pillar area.

A revised multilink rear suspension design enhances responsiveness, handling and stability while reducing impact harshness. Dual lower suspension arms replace the old single-arm design and distribute lateral forces more effectively to improve ride quality without sacrificing handling. The new rear suspension geometry helps keep Sonata more stable under hard braking and helps provide shorter stopping distances.

Reinforced side and cross members strengthen sub-frame mounting points and improve suspension responsiveness. Revised front sub-frame bushings are 17 percent stiffer than before and contribute to better steering feel and improved responsiveness. 2015 Sonata Sport 2.0T utilizes a new rack-mounted dual-pinion electric power steering system that offers more natural steering feel. Sport 2.0T models receive a unique sport-tuned suspension and larger 12.6-inch front brakes. These upgrades deliver increased driver confidence and a premium driving experience.

Improvements in ride and handling were validated at Hyundai’s world-class facilities in Namyang, the Mojave proving grounds in California and the new test center located at the famed Nurburgring. Validating the 2015 Sonata’s performance at world-class test tracks resulted in a world-class mid-size sedan that inspires confidence in a wide variety of driving conditions.



Hyundai continues its all four-cylinder engine lineup for the 2015 Sonata. A revised 2.4-liter Theta II GDI four-cylinder engine powers SE, Limited and Sport models. The 2.4-liter four-cylinder produces 185 horsepower and 178 lb. ft. of torque. Hyundai’s powertrain engineers slightly reduced peak power for the 2015 Sonata to shift the powerband downward for better responsiveness in lower-RPM situations where customers spend the majority of their time. The new Electronic Intake Continuously Variable Valve Timing (E-CVVT) improves performance in low temperatures and reduces emissions.

A revised 2.0-liter Theta II turbocharged GDI, also featuring E-CVVT, powers Sport 2.0T models. The 2.0-liter turbocharged engine is also optimized for lower-RPM drivability and it produces 245 horsepower and 260 lb. ft. of torque. The turbocharger features a smaller turbine and compressor wheel, which provide better responsiveness and more torque in the low and mid RPM range. Both Theta engines are paired with a six-speed SHIFTRONIC® automatic transmission.


Sonata comes standard with seven airbags, including a new driver’s knee airbag designed to help prevent the driver from sliding down the seat in a collision, which allows the other restraint systems to be more effective. Electronic Stability Control, Vehicle Stability Management, Traction Control, ABS and a Tire Pressure Monitoring System with individual tire pressure display are also standard. Projector headlamps are standard while HID headlamps are available.

Hyundai engineers implemented many active safety technologies for the 2015 Sonata to assist drivers and help prevent accidents. No longer reserved for luxury cars, advanced safety technologies such as Forward Collision Warning, Blind Spot Detection, Rear Cross Traffic Alert and a Lane Departure Warning System are all available in this midsize sedan.

Sonata’s advanced Blind Spot Detection system is designed to alert drivers of an approaching vehicle in the next lane if the turn signal is activated. This Lane Change Assist technology is a segment-exclusive active safety feature. Drivers are first alerted of a vehicle in the blind spot by warning lights in the side mirrors. When the turn signal is activated, the Lane Change Assist system determines the closing speed of any vehicle in the adjacent lane to determine if the lane change is safe. If the system determines the vehicle in the other lane is closing too quickly, it sounds an audible alarm to warn the driver that the lane change is unsafe. The Lane Departure Warning System uses a forward-facing camera to recognize lane markers. If the system detects the vehicle is headed outside the lane markers, a warning light on the dashboard illuminates and an audible sound alerts the driver.

Rear Cross-traffic Alert (RCTA) is another feature derived from the 2015 Sonata’s advanced Blind Spot Detection system. RCTA scans the areas to each side of the 2015 Sonata when drivers are backing out of parking spaces. If the system detects another vehicle is approaching from the side, the Sonata driver is given an audible alert. This system is another tool that helps Sonata drivers utilize the active safety technology.


The 2015 Sonata embodies Hyundai’s Modern Premium brand direction by providing convenient technology formerly reserved for luxury sedans in the mid-size segment without the premium price tag. Switching the high beams on and off manually doesn’t seem like a hassle, but Sonata’s High Beam Assist allows the driver to keep their eyes on the road and let the headlamps deliver maximum visibility without accidentally blinding oncoming traffic. Bright LED daytime running lights give the 2015 Sonata’s face a premium look. Smart Cruise Control (SCC) with full stop capability helps make driving on the freeway less stressful. This system allows full function down to zero mph to operate seamlessly using the front-grille-mounted radar sensor. SCC enables the 2015 Sonata to help maintain safer, consistent spacing with the vehicle ahead in varied traffic conditions.

Smart trunk gives drivers a convenient hands-free way to open the trunk while keeping both feet firmly planted on the ground. The owner simply needs to approach the Sonata’s trunk with the key fob in a purse or pocket and wait three seconds. The trunk will automatically open, making it easy to place groceries or luggage inside when hands are full. Rear seat passengers are treated to segment-exclusive sunshades, an option typically found on luxury cars. Feedback from current Sonata owners resulted in a height-adjustable passenger seat and now both front seats can be heated and ventilated. Even rear-seat passengers enjoy the luxury of heated seats on a cold day. A heated steering wheel will be a favorite feature for owners of the 2015 Sonata Limited equipped with the Tech package. The desire to deliver class-above value allows these convenient technologies to trickle down from the all-new Genesis to the all-new Sonata making it the most sophisticated mid-size sedan available.





  2015Sonata 2.4 GDI & Sonata 2.0T
2.4 GDI
Type DOHC D-CVVT (Dual Continuously Variable Valve Timing) 4-cylinder
Materials Aluminum block and heads
Bore & Stroke 88.0 mm x 97.0 mm
Displacement 2.4 liters / 2,359 cc
Horsepower SE/Sport/Limited: 185 @ 6,000 rpm
Torque SE/Sport/Limited: 178 lb-ft @ 4,000 rpm
Valves per cylinder 4
Compression Ratio 11.3
2.0L Turbo
Type DOHC D-CVVT (Dual Continuously Variable Valve Timing) 4-cylinder
Turbo Type Twin Scroll
Materials Aluminum block and heads
Bore & Stroke 86.0 mm x 86.0 mm
Displacement 2.0 liters / 1,998 cc
Horsepower 245 @ 6,000 rpm
Torque 260 lb-ft @ 1,350 – 4,000 rpm
Valves per cylinder 4
Compression Ratio 10.0
6-speed electronic automatic with OD lock-up torque converter, shift lock and SHIFTRONIC™ manual shift mode
Gear ratios                SE/Sport/Limited 2.4 GDI 2.0T
First 4.212 4.766
Second 2.637 2.946
Third 1.800 1.917
Fourth 1.386 1.420
Fifth 1.000 1.000
Sixth 0.772 0.772
Reverse 3.385 3.393
Final drive 2.885 2.885
Front MacPherson strut with gas-charged Mando Dual Flow Damper (DFD) shock absorbers and 23-mm stabilizer bar (SE/Sport/Limited 2.4L)
MacPherson strut with gas-charged Mando Dual Flow Damper (DFD) shock absorbers and 24-mm stabilizer bar (2.0T Sport)
Rear Independent multi-link design with coil springs, gas-charged Mando Dual Flow Damper (DFD) shock absorbers and stabilizer bar (17-mm for SE/Sport/Limited)
Independent multi-link design with stiffer coil springs, gas-charged Mando Dual Flow Damper (DFD) shock absorbers and stabilizer bar (18-mm for 2.0T Sport)
Type Motor-Driven Power Steering (MDPS) column-mounted, Rack-and-Pinion, Engine-RPM-Sensing (2.0T Sport is dual-pinion rack-mounted design)
Overall Ratio 14.3:1
Turns, lock to lock 2.78
Turning circle, curb to curb 35.8 ft.
Front Dual diagonal, split circuit, power-assisted 12.0-in. ventilated disc with pressure proportioning valves (SE/Sport/Limited 2.4L)
Dual diagonal, split circuit, power-assisted 12.6-in. ventilated disc with pressure proportioning valves (2.0T Sport, Optional on Limited)
Rear Dual diagonal, split circuit, power-assisted 11.2-in. solid disc with pressure proportioning valves
ABS 4-wheel, 4-channel and 4-sensor with Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD) and ESC
Tires P205/65R16 (SE)P215/55R17 (2.4L Sport/Limited)P235/45R18 (2.0T)T125/80D16 (Compact temporary use spare tire)
Wheels 16 x 6.5-in. alloy wheel (SE)17 x 7.0-in. alloy wheel (2.4L Sport/Limited)18 x 7.5-in. Hyper Silver alloy wheel (2.0T)
Wheelbase 110.4 in.
Overall length 191.1 in.
Overall width 73.4 in.
Overall height 58.1 in.
Tread width (front/rear)
16-in. wheels 63.5 in. / 63.8 in.
17-in. wheels 63.1 in. / 63.3 in.
18-in. wheels 62.9 in. / 63.1 in.
Coefficient of drag 0.27
Minimum ground clearance 5.3 in.
Head room
Front 40.4 in.
Rear 38.0 in.
Leg room
Front 45.5 in.
Rear 35.6 in.
Shoulder room
Front 57.9 in.
Rear 56.5 in.
Hip room
Front 55.3 in.
Rear 56.1 in.
EPA passenger volume 106.1 cu.ft.
EPA cargo volume 16.3 cu. ft.
EPA total volume 122.4 cu.ft.
Fuel 18.5 gallons
2.4 GDI 3,252 – 3,466 lbs
2.0L Turbo 3,505 – 3,616 lbs
FUEL ECONOMY City Highway Combined
2.0L Turbo TBD TBD TBD
Maximum towing capacity Not Recommended


2015 Sonata 2.4 & Sonata Sport 2.0T
nstandard     o optional   —   not available
Body Construction
High-tensile steel unibody n n n n
2.4L GDI DOHC 16-valve Inline 4-cylinder n n n
2.0L Turbo-GDI DOHC 16-valve Inline 4-cylinder n
Motor-Driven Power Steering (MDPS) column-mounted, Rack-and-Pinion, Power Assisted, Engine-RPM-Sensing n n n
Motor-Driven Power Steering (MDPS) rack-mounted, Dual-Pinion, Power Assisted, Engine-RPM-Sensing n
Front: MacPherson strut with Mando Dual Flow Damper (DFD) shock absorbers and 23-mm stabilizer bar n n n
Front: MacPherson strut with Mando Dual Flow Damper (DFD) shock absorbers and 24-mm stabilizer bar n
Rear: Independent multi-link design with coil springs, Mando Dual Flow Damper (DFD) shock absorbers and 17-mm stabilizer bar n n n
Rear: Independent multi-link design with stiffer coil springs, Mando Dual Flow Damper (DFD) shock absorbers and 18-mm stabilizer bar n
6-speed electronic automatic with OD lock-up torque converter, shift lock and SHIFTRONIC™ manual shift mode n n n n
Drive Mode Select n n n n
Steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters n
EXTERIOR FEATURES SE Sport Limited Sport 2.0T
Folding outside mirrors, bodycolor with dual power n
Folding outside mirrors, bodycolor, heated with dual power n n n
Driver spotter mirror n n
Blind Spot Detection (BSD) System o n n
Side mirror-mounted turn signal indicators n n n
Bumpers, bodycolor n n n n
Grille, satin finish n
Sport grille, 3-bar design n n
Grille, dark chrome n o
Chrome Day Light Opening (DLO) n n n n
Door handles, bodycolor n n
Door handles, chrome with welcome light o n n
Rear bumper with parking sensor o o
Solar control glass n n n n
Front windshield, 2-speed with variable intermittent, speed sensitive n n n n
Panoramic sunroof, power glass o o
Door trim (DLO), glossy o o
Sport front bumper fascia n n
Sport rear diffuser n
Side rocker panels w/ chrome molding n n n
Single, chrome-tipped rear exhaust n
Dual, chrome-tipped rear exhaust n n
Quad, chrome-tipped rear exhaust n
Headlights, jeweled projector-lens n n n
Headlights, HID Xenon o n
DRLs, LED n n n n
Automatic light control o n n n
Automatic High Beam o o
Center High Mount Stop Lamp (CHMSL) n n n n
Taillights, combination lamps n n
Taillights, LED n n
Rear lip spoiler n n n n
TIRES & WHEELS SE Sport Limited Sport 2.0T
16 x 6.5J aluminum alloy wheel w/ P205/65R16 tires n
17 x 7.0J aluminum alloy w/ P215/55R17 tires n n
18 x 7.5J Hyper Silver aluminum alloy w/ P235/45R18 tires n
Spare tire, compact temporary use (T125/80D16) o n n n
Tire mending kit n
INTERIOR FEATURES SE Sport Limited Sport 2.0T
Roof trim, cloth n n n n
Metalgrain interior accents, beige and gray n
Carbon fiber appearance, gray and black interiors n
Woodgrain interior accents, all interior colors n
3D tech appearance accents, gray and black interiors n
Door sill scuff plates, plastic n n
Door sill scuff plates, premium metal grain n n
Aluminum pedals, gas & brake n
Door trim, simulated leather inserts o n
Door trim, leather inserts with accent stitching n n
Door handles, chrome n n n
Door armrest, integrated n n n n
Door pockets, small map w/ bottle holders n n n n
Sunvisors with illuminated driver and passenger vanity mirror n n n n
Shift knob, leather-wrapped o n n
Foot brake n n n n
Electronic Parking Brake (EPB) o o
Floor covering, full cut-pile carpeting n n n n
Trunk lid liner n n n n
Air conditioning n n n n
Heater n n n n
Floor console-mounted rear seat vents n n
Cabin air filter n n n n
Dual fully automatic climate control o n n
Rear window defroster, electronic with timer n n n n
Steering wheel, urethane n n
Steering wheel, leather-wrapped o n
Steering wheel, leather-wrapped, D-cut w/ contrast stitching n
Steering wheel, tilt and telescopic n n n n
Steering wheel, audio, phone, and cruise controls n n n n
Heated steering wheel o
LED central dome light (door activated) n n n n
LED rear reading lights (door activated) o(w/ Sunroof) o(w/ Sunroof)
LED front map lights n n n n
Glove compartment light, cargo area light n n n n
Illuminated ignition key cylinder surround n n n n
I/P switch illumination (hazard) n n n n
Smart Cruise Control w/ Full-Stop o o
Electronic Parking Brake w/ Automatic Vehicle Hold o o
Smart Trunk, hands-free open o n n
Power windows (w/ driver auto up/down) & door locks (auto-lock function can be enabled by dealer) n n n n
Passenger window auto up/down o n n
Remote keyless entry system with integrated fob, alarm/panic n n n n
Proximity entry key with push button start o n n
Remote releases, hood, trunk and fuel filler door n n n n
Front center console, fixed armrest storage box n n n n
Cupholders, (2) Front & (2) Center armrest n n n n
Door panel bottle holders (4) n n n n
12-volt outlet, center stack mounted (3) n n n n
Assist grips (4) n n n n
Rear coat hanger (1) n n n n
Glove compartment, locking with damper n n n n
Inside rearview mirror, manual day/night n n
Inside rearview mirror, electrochromic auto-dimming with HomeLink® & compass o n n
Rear window manual sunshades n o
SEATS SE Sport Limited Sport 2.0T
Capacity 5 5 5 5
Seating surface, premium cloth n n
Seating surface, leather bolster/cloth insert w/ sport bolsters o
Seating surface, leather n
Seating surface, leather w/ contrast stitching and sport bolsters n
Multi-adjustable front seats with height adjust, and seatback pockets n n n n
8-way power driver’s seat with power lumbar support o n n n
6-way power front passenger’s seat n o
Ventilated front seats o o
Heated front seats (adjustable temperature control) n n n
Integrated Memory System, driver’s seat and side mirrors o o
Heated rear seat bottom cushions n o
Rear seat, 60/40 split fold-down with head restraints and center armrest n n n n
Center armrest with dual cup holders n n n n
Rearview Camera o n n n
Blind Spot Detection System (BSD) o n n
Forward Collision Warning System (FCWS) o o
Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS) o o
Occupant Classification System (OCS) n n n n
Advanced airbags, driver and front passenger n n n n
Driver and front passenger side-impact airbags (2) n n n n
Side air curtains, front and rear passengers (2) n n n n
Driver’s knee airbag n n n n
3-point outboard seatbelts n n n n
3-point inboard seatbelts (rear) n n n n
Height adjustable front-seat shoulder belt anchors n n n n
Front seatbelt pretensioners and force limiters n n n n
LATCH Lower Anchors (2 rear) and Upper Tether (3 rear) Anchors n n n n
Rear seat low-profile head restraints (rear, center, left) n n n n
Power window lock-out button n n n n
Vehicle Stability Management (VSM) and Traction Control System (TCS) n n n n
Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) with Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD) and Brake Assist n n n n
Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) – Individual tires n n n n
Hill-start Assist Control n n n n
Energy-absorbing Steering Column n n n n
Front and rear Crumple Zones n n n n
5-MPH Bumpers n n n n
Hood buckling creases and safety stops n n n n
Bodyside reinforcements n n n n
Shift interlock system n n n n
Steering wheel locks when key is removed n n n n
Anti-theft system integrated with remote keyless entry system and panic n n n n
Emergency internal trunk release n n n n
Immobilizer o n n
INSTRUMENTATION SE Sport Limited Sport 2.0T
Meters/Gauges: Speedometer, tachometer, coolant temperature, fuel level, odometer, trip odometer and clock n n n n
Indicators: PRND, cruise control, turn signal/hazard, high beam, ESC/TCS and Drive Mode Select n n n n
Warning lights: Oil pressure, charge, door ajar, airbag, seatbelt, low fuel, trunk lid open, brake, check engine, ABS and TPMS n n n n
Warning chimes: Key-in-ignition with door ajar or proximity key removed w/ vehicle on and seatbelt n n n n
Drive Mode Select n n n n
4.2-inch Color LCD Trip Computer o o o
AUDIO/CONNECTIVITY SE Sport Limited Sport 2.0T
AM/FM/SiriusXM/CD/MP3 audio system with 6 speakers (2 front-door-mounted speakers, 2 tweeters and 2 rear speakers) n
5-in. color touchscreen AM/FM/SiriusXM/CD/MP3 audio system with 6 speakers (2 front-door-mounted speakers, 2 tweeters and 2 rear speakers) with multicasting and rearview camera o n n
5-in. color touchscreen AM/FM/SiriusXM/CD/MP3 audio system with 7 Dimension® speakers (2 front speakers, 2 tweeters and 2 rear speakers), subwoofer and external amplifier (360 watts) n
8-in. color touchscreen audio system with 7 Dimension® speakers (2 front speakers, 2 tweeters and 2 rear speakers), subwoofer and external amplifier with HD Radio Technology o
8-in. color touchscreen navigation/audio system with 9 Infinity® speakers (2 front-door-mounted speakers, 2 tweeters and 4 rear speakers with coaxial mounted tweeters), subwoofer and external Infinity® amplifier (400 watt), with HD Radio Technology, multicasting and rearview camera o o
iPod®/USB and auxiliary input jacks n n n n
HD Radio Technology with multicasting o o o
Antenna, shark fin design with SiriusXM reception n n n n
Antenna, diversity shark fin (with navigation + premium audio) o o o
Blue Link® Telematics Gen 1 o n n n
Blue Link® Telematics Gen 2 o o o
OPTIONAL FEATURES SE Sport Limited Sport 2.0T
Popular Equipment Package includes automatic light control, power driver seat with lumbar support (10-way), 5-inch color touchscreen audio display w/ rearview backup camera, Hyundai Blue Link Telematics system (Gen 1), temporary spare tire o
Premium Package includes Blind Spot Detection system (BSD), chrome exterior door handles, door handle welcome light, proximity key entry w/ push button start, Smart Trunk, sport seats (leather bolster w/ cloth inserts), leather-wrapped steering wheel & shift knob, dual automatic temperature control and auto up/down front passenger window o
Tech Package (requires Sport Premium Package) includes 8-inch navigation system, HD Radio Technology, Dimension premium audio, Hyundai Blue Link Telematics system (Gen 2), 4.2-inch color LCD trip computer, auto-dimming rearview mirror with HomeLink and compass o
Tech Package includes panoramic sunroof, high-gloss window surround, HID headlights, 4.2-inch color LCD trip computer, 8-inch navigation system, HD Radio Technology, Infinity premium audio system, Hyundai Blue Link Telematics system (Gen 2), IMS – driver seat and outside mirrors, ventilated front seats and heated steering wheel o
Ultimate Package (requires Limited Tech Package) includes Smart Cruise Control, Electronic Parking Brake (EPB), larger brakes, Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS), Forward Collision Warning (FCW), automatic high beam and Rear Parking Assistance System o
Ultimate Package includes panoramic sunroof, high-gloss window surround, Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS), Forward Collision Warning (FCW), automatic high beam, Rear Parking Assistance System, Smart Cruise Control, Electronic Parking Brake (EPB), power passenger seat (6-way), rear window manual sunshades, 4.2-inch color LCD trip computer, 8-inch navigation system, Infinity premium audio system, HD Radio Technology, Hyundai Blue Link Telematics system (Gen 2), IMS – driver seat and outside mirrors, ventilated front seats and heated rear seats o





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He holds a Journalism JBA degree from the University of Wisconsin – Madison. Tom currently resides in Charleston, South Carolina with his two amazing dogs, Drake and Tank.

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