McLaren P1 on GEMBALLA GForged-one Wheels Specially Designed for McLaren 12C, 650S and P1

Upgrading the wheels on a hypercar is a small change that can make a world of difference in the style, handling and tire options available.

But choosing an aftermarket wheel that is made to the same standards as the rest of the vehicle? Not easy!

That is why Gemballa is stepping up to deliver McLaren P1, 12C and 650S clients the absolute best in German quality with an aftermarket alloy design called the G-Forged-one. These are rims that are designed to balance ultra-light weight, low-drag and high-strength priorities that a supercar demands. Also fitting the Porsche 911 991-series, the wheels are offered in four color options across the 20-inch and 21-inch sizes.

They are a great option for trying a new track tire setup without having to re-mount the OEM tires, or can be a great solution for an all-season tire versus the typical Z-rated bubble-gum rubber that will be standard-issue on many McLarens and hot Porsches.

Pricing is commensurate with the strength of the wheels! Therefore, very high indeed. But the personal service and Gemballa expertise comes included with every one.

The team has sales leads around the world – contact them today to place your order or ask about any other details.

The style and design of the Gforged-onewheels is the same for the P1 and 12C/650S — but the lug pattern appears to be unique between the two.


GEMBALLA G-Forged Wheels for McLaren P1

GEMBALLA G-Forged Wheels for McLaren 12C and 650S

Official Details below from GEMBALLA

Forged for great G-force  – GEMBALLA GForged-one for Porsche 991 and McLaren 12C and P1


For the real driving machines amongst sports cars, light alloy wheels are not simply a cosmetic accessory but an integral part of the dynamic setup. This is why GEMBALLA offers the GForged-one specially for the Porsche 911 (991) and the McLaren models 12C and P1. With 20 and 21 inch sizes, the dimensions are impressive, yet do not load the non-suspended mass of the car with additional weight.

A particularly effective forging process attains extremely high material compression, making thin but extremely stable structures possible. The wheel is thus in perfect keeping with the lightweight and efficient design of Porsche and McLaren sports cars.


The finely balanced optical setup is also impressive: The GEMBALLA wheel’s widely spaced twin-spoke pairs are shaped into sleek Vs. The wheel is extremely aerodynamic and energetic, while each vehicle’s distinct braking system adds even more style to the overall impression. And as if the GForged-one wheels were not unique or exclusive enough, GEMBALLA offers customers a total of four surface finishes.

The available shades are Gunmetal or Black Magic – either in a full-surface finish or “diamond cut”. The latter option represents an especially elegant alternative to front polishing.

McLaren P1 on GEMBALLA GForged-one Wheels


For the sporty cruiser Porsche Cayenne (958) and Porsche Panamera (970), GEMBALLA offers the GT Forged, GT Sport and GT Sport-R customized forged and cast rims in 20” and 22”. In addition to a sporty, elegant design, these wheels boast an excellent price-performance ratio, without compromising on quality.


All of the rims in the GEMBALLA portfolio are currently available at special spring rates – prices on request. Upon request, customers can also order complete wheels with high-performance tires from technology partner Michelin.

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