QOROS Design Analysis – Qoros9 and Flagship Concepts Preview Exciting Future Models

QOROS is the German-led Chinese car firm that could change global perceptions about Chinese vehicles through sheer strength of engineering.

The firm aims to deliver the best of European safety, handling, styling and quality standards to an affordable-produced model for the first time. Headed by Gert Hildebrand as design chief, Qoros is on firm footing to bring his MINI Cooper design expertise to all sorts of new segments.

Here is Hildebrand with the Qoros Flagship model discussed below.

QOROS Design Analysis – Qoros9 and Flagship Concepts Preview Exciting Future Models

After many false starts by other brands, the Qoros 3 hatchback and Qoros 5 sedan are now on sale on a handful of European markets – where it meets of exceeds the strict EU emission and safety standards that have been so daunting for other Chinese cars to pass.

The latest concept vision is the QOROS 9 concept for a premium sedan. It is very striking in its appeal – not least because of its Chrysler 300 or Bentley-style slim glasshouse. This makes the car feel very safe from inside, with high doors and slim glass.

The Qoros 9 is not derivative, however, with a very unique appeal all its own. The Bentley and Chrysler 300 comparison simply reinforces how formal the proportions of this limousine are.

The nose is hard to love but in profile and from the rear, the Qoros 9 has a lot of sexy style.

This is one detail I really enjoy: the continuous band around the lower sill up through the rear door and into the chrome window trim.

QOROS 9 Concept

2014 Bentley Mulsanne

Not as much sex appeal as this 2012 design study by then-Coventry Design student Jamie Barret, however. Barret is working in Shanghai for Qoros since the project’s debut.

Barret shown on the far left with the Qoros design team in April, 2014 – and below with his QF concept.


The Qoros Flagship concept is just a scale model – but is still extremely gorgeous and feels production-feasible. This is the coupe-like style the Subaru WRX should wear. Any brand making this shape of coupe would find eager shoppers.

In fact, the three-door layout is closest in spirit to the Hyundai Veloster, but so much sleeker and more premium.


Big stuff from this brand, who of course have their eyes on America in the mid-term future.

If anyone from Qoros reads this – we’d love to interview you! Tom (At) Car-revs-daily.com is me.

Here is one of Barrett’s latest sketches to close things off.

QOROS Flagship Concept by Jamie Barret


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