Gulf Racing Livery by CAM SHAFT for the Porsche 911 Turbo

It is automotive wrap fest today!

These two are very eye-popping. They bring some favorite and iconic racing liveries to life on Porsche 911s in a very well-executed way.

The funny thing about Gulf colors, in particular, is a joke I heard while visiting the GT40 factory of Superformance Olhoff Racing in April.

They quipped, “We have made more Gulf GT40’s than Gulf ever did!”

Thanks to the latest tech in wrapping, a two-color paintwork effect is no longer the perview of Wraith of Maybach customers. It was previously so expensive and exclusive because it meant the car had to go through the entire paint shop twice – doubling the time in the boothes, curing rooms, buffing and inspections afterward.

Granted, though repainting at the factory is pricey – they could never achievet he results seen here.

The amazing graphics shown include a customization on the Martini theme, plus a full Gulf makeover for the 911 Turbo. With quality comes the price – and these are not cheap.


Punctually for the 50-th anniversary of Porsche’s 911 – almost unimaginable that, there is this epitome of the brand from Zuffenhausen since 1963 – the company CAM SHAFT in the Lower Rhine Kempen, has changed the outfit of Porsche 997 Turbo, which is meanwhile the sixth generation of the 911, that fulfils unlimited once again the reputation of distinctiveness.

CAM SHAFT specializes just on creating and implementing unique designs with its Europe-wide exclusive customer base. Customers from Budapest, Vienna, Monaco, Zurich, Amsterdam, up to the north of Oslo find the way to the Lower Rhine Kempen near Dusseldorf. Special wishes of any kind of extraordinary design are, where feasible, implemented and each vehicle leaves the spectacular industrial premises as absolute unique with incomparable recognition factor.

CAM SHAFT stands not only for monochrome foliation, how we get meanwhile on almost every corner, but rather here the customer requests are objectively taken into consideration, as unusual as may be, with the highest quality demands. And usually the hoped-for result is even far exceeded!

Back to our jubilee. The two colour extremely complex retro – design foliation in a balanced interplay of light blue and orange accounts for € 2800.00. 700.00 € are added for door sills and visible edges. Certainly not a bad investment, since hardly anything is considered uglier, if with the doors open, the original colour leaps out of the otherwise fully foiled car.

By the way, Porsche 997 Turbo before the refinement has been passed through the capable hands of Dortmund Tuner 9ff, with the following changes: exhaust system including Sportkats and headers, larger intercooler, air filter, fuel pressure regulator, and of course the adapted electronics. In addition, 65 kg weight could be saved. Performance upgrade- considerable acceleration values: 0 to 100 km/h in 3,8 seconds, from 100 to 200 km/h in 6,0 seconds and from 100 to 300 km/h in 20,3 seconds. The Porsche has 650 hp (= 478 kW), whereby the torque is limited to 800 Nm, in order to avoid damage. The coupling is of course also adapted to the performance. A height adjustable system from Bilstein and the set of rims OZ-Ultralegera benefit driving dynamics. In terms of interior upgraded bucket seats are also to mention.

Photos: Jordi Miranda

Gulf Racing Livery by CAM SHAFT for the Porsche 911 Turbo

More information about this foiled Porsche 997 Turbo directly at:

Cam Shaft – Premium Wrapping
Gojkovic & Falke GbR
Von Ketteler Str.2 (Ecke Krefelder Weg)
D-47906 Kempen



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