Foliation Designs A Wild Mercedes-Benz CLS in Metallic Gold Matte Foliation Designs A Wild Mercedes-Benz CLS in Metallic Gold Matte

Learned a new word today…

  • foliation

Definition: the art of foil wrapping a surface, object or cherished Mercedes-Benz CLS.

Etym: new Engdeutsch.

The below description and intro for’s Porsche GT3 certainly applies to this incredibly intense CLS.

It is on air-ride lowering springs and has a few other customizations noted below — but by far the most mind-warping element is the Bond Gold Matte Metallic wrap by Fostla.

This is paired very tastefully with tinted lamps and a red accent bar in the fascias front and rear. The result is very dreamy!

Now, let’s say our new word together aloud…. Foliation!


In the old days, changing a car’s color was only possible in one method: a full respray.

This is not a good route for high-performance and high-dollar luxury machines for many reasons. Most of which comes down to the quality of body-shop paint versus factory paint. We have all seen a sad repainted car a few years last – dull, fading on the roof and hood from the sun, and sometimes even with bits of the original color shining through the poor-quality paintjob.

In addition, much of the exterior on the car has to be disassembled to do a paintjob properly. Generally, body shops are not experts in your particular brand of car – making the results feel slap-dash and not re-assembled to OEM standards.

In the last few years, the world of car wraps is stepping in to address this hole in the automotive aftermarket very nicely.

The quality of these upgrades also vary widely, and the taste of the buyer is often more trendy than timeless. Matte black was once the toughest and most-easily-applied wrap – so it gained a big following for its cool appearance unlike any paint. Matte paint is basically impossible. It just is hard to do from the factory machines – and costs $20,000 as an option when offered on Lamborghini’s and other models.

So wraps started as matte-finish and gained a big foothold.

The next wave of wraps is foil – shiny and lovely foil. This creates a finish more like a race-car than anything else.

Why? Because this is how they decorate actual racecars.

Taste and design become a big issue as well as quality execution and application. Because you can do anything – the results are pretty subjective in their appeal.

The team proves that with enough experience and aesthetic prep work, the results of the latest foil wraps create eye-popping visual impact, long-term durability, and the ability to change it at will in a few years time.




For those who want his vehicle to be dressed in a new outfit, the Company in Hannover is the right place. Partial or full foliation offers as is generally known basically just benefits in a direct comparison with partial or full painting. And in order to implement a really individual appearance – from the company’s advertising to the free design – on automobiles of all kinds, a special design department is available in the Lower Saxony, in order to make it become reality all wishes, no matter how eccentric.

This time Mercedes-Benz CLS 350 CDI W218 should be customized radically. And namely by means of complete conversion to Prior-Design PB550 Black Edition aerodynamic-kit. Lowering or raising is carried out by means of lowering module which is controlled using a steering wheel.

The full foliation with PWF-foil in Bond-Gold-Matt-Metallic underlines not only the innate elegance of the vehicle, but allows also conclusions for appropriate liveliness. Red appliqué on front lip and diffuser bar set colour accents. The discs, the headlights and the rear lights are also tinted.

Matching all-time ready to jump Daimler’s position, the performance of the engine has been increased by means of engine software from cooperation partner PP-Performance from 265 to 310 hp (228 kW) and the torque from 620 to 700 Nm.

By the way, this optimization service of PP-Performance engine software is provided on the premises. CLS rolls on the directional thread of the CVT-rims from Vossen – powder coated in matt gold – in the dimensions 9×20 on the front axle and 10,5×20 inches on the rear axle together with the corresponding low-profile tires. Finally, the special mention is for exhaust tailpipes that originate from Mercedes C63 AMG Black Series. Conversion expenses amounted to about 16.000 Euro, comparatively cheap with the result.

Photos: Jordi Miranda – concepts
Darius Wallat (Gf)
Stoeckener Str. 49
D-30926 Seelze (Hannover-Letter)


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