Past and Future Perfect – Rolls-Royce Is Evergreen in 111 RARE Photos + 2017 RR ALPINE RENDERING

Past and Future Perfect – Rolls-Royce Is Evergreen – 111 RARE Photos Celebrate 111-Year History


Yes, this tense in language certainly applies to Rolls-Royce in the coming years. Here is (one of) Lutz Valdeig‘s artist renderings of a 2017 Rolls-Royce Alpine SUV – with a name borrowed from RR’s Apline Trial glory.


Rolls-Royce is more successful than anyone might have guessed 15 or 30 years ago. At that time, the whisper was that The Best Car in the World might be losing its touch with modern times.

BMW’s guiding principles of quality and advanced driving characteristics have given Rolls-Royce new inertia, and new levels of excellence for which to strive. By all accounts, the three-model range of Ghost, Phantom and Wraith is a miraculous achievement for the Goodwood-housed treasure of a car company.

2014 was evidence to this fact, with excellent Wraith sales adding to the continued stellar results from the Ghost and Phantom. Whereas rival Bentley’s sales are very-much a boom/bust cycle depending on how new the model is, Rolls-Royce maintains its pace with an uncanny steadiness.

Not unlike the cars, you might say.

A spectacular legacy and one that shapes the brand’s future decisions far more than most car companies. There is very little cynical lip-service when it comes to honoring the Rolls-Royce legacy, as these 111 rare photos can attest.

Included here is the official Goodwood pacecar, a Phantom Coupe Series II – along with the Ghost Series II and a gorgeous red Wraith.

Not unlike the one I configured three months ago!



2014 and 2015 Rolls-Royce Models


Historical Rolls-Royce Models


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