LaMASERATI by Mark Hostler – The Wildest Hypercar Concept Ever

Meet LaMASERATI by Mark Hostler – The Wildest Hypercar Concept Ever


Wow. This one really stopped me in my tracks today.

Dubbed the LaMaserati concept by professionally-trained industrial designer Mark Hostler, the car is simply miraculous. Free-floating surfaces intersect, overlap and interplay in ways that beg to be touched.

The floating wings and side buttress are perhaps the most breathtaking elements – unlike anything that any concept hypercar has ever attempted in real-life. The ultra-low nose is shaped for ground-effect aerodynamics at high speed, while the long-tail LED brake light slash will also reduce any turbulence or backpressure as the LaMaserati blasts through the air at ground level.

Mr. Hostler does not politely to reality and road-rules: there are pitot tubes emerging from both sides of the cockpit to test ambient air conditions, humidity, and barometric pressure so the stability and traction-control systems know what the road surface grip will be like. These airplane-derived parts also serve a boring function on their back side: as rear-view mirrors.


So what “makes” it a Maserati versus, say, a Bugatti or Pagani?

From these eyes, it is ma inly the huge balls a company would need to put a car like this into aero testing, production engineering, and into a few lucky garages. Maserati has the balls.

So does Mark Hostler.

Like his firm MHoss Designs on Facebook to see his other wild ideas…

LaMASERATI by Mark Hostler




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