Update1 – Nissan NC2020 Vision Gran Turismo Makes Real-Life Debut at Goodwood FoS

I stand corrected!  Below are 20 high-res photos from Nissan at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. They are tagged “Goodwood’s Got Game” – and I am inclined to agree =]


Many of the cars that debuted at Goodwood are strangely unavailable from the manufacturers’ websites – as though a digital launch is enough and everyone can just keep selling Jukes when the NC2020 is around!

Luckily for NC2020 or NSX fans, Facebook is a constantly-updating entity.

Here are 71 new photos of the NC2020 via Gran Turismo.com and Nissan UK’s facebook page.

They are not great quality, but there are a few more colors and certainly more angles. I like it much less today than I have previously, which might have something to do with starting into the Toyota FT-1 concept’s details all afternoon.

In comparison, the Nissan is very slab-sided and a little vulgar. The nose is a mess.

Nissan NC2020 Vision Gran Turismo Makes Real-Life Debut at Goodwood FoS



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