Iconic Classic – 1959 JAGUAR Mark IX Is Blue-Blood Royalty With Most Lux Cabin of the 1950s

A lofty statement? The best cabin in all the 1950s?  Really?

Perhaps this Jaguar Mark IX would be outdone by a Rolls-Royce or a Bentley from that wonderful decade – but we highly doubt it. Of course, the modern gauges and CD player spoil the period mood – but only slightly. This car has AC, after all, which is a mod worth adding!

This Jaguar Mark IX preceded the 1965 Jaguar Mark X featured in a previous ‘Fatcat Chic’ article, comparing it with today’s XJL in matching photo angles.


1965 JAGUAR Mark X


All three cars are flagship Jaguars – but this is by far the most traditional of the lot.

Wide, imposing and remarkably tall – the Jaguar Mark IX seems like it was designed from the inside out. Perhaps from the back seat forward, even.


This example runs a Chevrolet small-block V8 — and is not the first Jaguar I have found in South Carolina that has swapped to a simple American engine. Without road salt, the biggest threat to keeping these old cats purring might be their straight-six engines’ thirst for leaded fuel — which is no longer available.

This example is owned by the body shop proprietor – but this is no ordinary body-shop. The lot itself was littered with half-ruined luxury cars. Luckily, the Panamera we picked up was all mended and happy to be headed home from the auto ER.

1959 JAGUAR Mark IX

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