2014 Bell & Ross B-ROCKET Watch Is Inspired By Fantastic Jet-Engine Motorcycle Concept

When it comes to watches, there is such a huge span of pricing and individual preference — there truly is no ‘one-size-fits-all.’

That applies not only in price but in all the other aspects of a wear-able fashion item: is it comfortable,  is it easy-to-use, does it enhance my sense of cool?

From a $5 digital to the million-dollar excesses – the price span really makes it a challenge to find the right “fit” in every sense of the word.

Bell & Ross aspires to not just be your timepiece, but a new cornerstone in your entire aesthetic. Best-known for their large square models in the ‘Aviation’ line, the firm brings a chunky retro-futurist style to the front and center of your wrist.

The large-numeral style has benefits in the cockpit of a fighter plane as well as a subway car, and it has made Bell & Ross an often-copied style for the big luxury watch brands in Switzerland and across Italy and Europe as a whole.

But as any stylish man will tell you, the original item is always the most iconic. The most authentic, and the most desirable. As such, Bell & Ross is the top echelon for guys who  are cool and cultured adventurers. Leave the Cartiers for the nightclub and M&A crowd.

2014 Bell & Ross B-ROCKET

Ooooh, this new watch comes with a fantastic concept bike? One with jet-engine-inspired air intakes by your feet?

Not exactly — the concept is just to illustrate Bell & Ross’s mood for this latest B-ROCKET watch, which has new features in the classic brushed-alloy square face, plus a cushy and comfy-looking black leather strap. A tinge of red is visible in places like the outer edge of the new strap design, and the whole thing is lovely.

Pricing is available upon request, of course.

THe cheapest of the B&R avaition models is priced from $4,100 — so this will be a reward you save up for versus a throw-away trendy style item.

But trust me: the weight of the history in every B-ROCKET will make you stronger to jet-bike into the future with style and confidence.



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