2014 Ferrari F12 Sound, Style and Speed Will Break Your Heart + All Official Colors Gallery

The 2014 Ferrari F12 Berlinetta is one of the most completely intoxicating cars on the roads. With a huge atmospheric V12 under the hood, the sonic pleasure the F12 brings to the driver — and all on the street or beside a circuit — is only the icing on the cake.

Truly crushing performance is on offer with the front-engine F12, with its tail balance perhaps the most special aspect of the car for prospective owners who might also debate the new 458 Speciale.

Where the 458’s mid-engine balance has never been better, it will still snap away harder than any rear-drive supercar. Weight balance is also in the F12’s favor.

But really, the experience of the F12 is not just about 10/10ths lap times, though it does those quicker than anything this side of the upcoming LaFerrari hypercar.

What the F12 offers is a more mature take on the hypercar fantasy. This is a car for people who will drive it often. They might drive it mildly at times, but be sure: the F12 is ready to absolutely ROAR at any moment. Just a manettino flick into race, and the F12 will be faster than anything else you you care to name.

Quicker than even my darling E63 AMG 4Matic Estate?

That is a toss-up: both make the sprint to 60-mph in about 3.5-seconds.

But with far more smile-inducing sonics, transmission power-shifts, and the knowledge that your Ferrari would leave the E63 for dead on a racetrack? The Ferrari F12 will show everyone who is really the boss.

The car is so quick and so gorgeous, it makes me wonder sometimes how Aston Martin sells any DB9s or Vanquishes. Unfortunately for Aston, the F12 is a far better car in every single way.

Included below are 50 of the latest high-res action shots of the F12 from Ferrari, a mechanical details gallery, interior gallery and buyers guide info for the 26 available exterior colors.

Build your own via the Ferrari.com page at the link below!


2014 Ferrari F12 – EXTERIOR COLORS

2014 Ferrari F12 – MECHANICALS



2014 Ferrari F12 – INTERIOR BUILDER







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