Building My 2015 JAGUAR F-Type S Coupe – Options, Exteriors and Interior Colors Detailed

The new F-Type Coupe is hot as the summer sun these days – but which is best? And among the standard, S and R — which fits your budget and performance criteria?

Here is a quick walk through the online configurator, where I built a $77,000 F-Type S Coupe and racked up a $92,000 total in the process. There are many tempting options, including the poshest 20-inch wheels and carbon-ceramic brakes kit — but overall there are a few things to select to make the most villainous impact for your British pounds.

Base, S or R? The S packs the uprated 380-horsepower supercharged V6 engine and various other goodies above the base car – and seems like the best fit for many. The central exhausts are even a bit more attractive and distinctive than the quad pipes of the $99,000 V8 F-Type R Coupe – and the sound they make is perhaps lovlier as well.


White is always going to look outstanding on this car, but the overwhelming number of dark blues, greens and tans will not be as unique or visually powerful on the road. To each his own! I picked the Italian Racing Red, eventually.



Definitely would recommend one of the up-rated wheel sizes, and also suggest the black rim finish to match the tinted black glass roof from below.


The standard brakes are probably just fine for all non-track use, in which case the Super brake upgrade may be worthwhile. The steeply-priced carbon brakes seem like overkill.


Definitely would go for the glass roof!


The design pack plus the black pack is my choice.


This is highly subjective, but I went with the light leather seats and dark headliner.


Definitely definitely go for the sports seats!


The standard gloss black trim is best.


Optional Meridian audio bumps the wattage max to 770 versus a still-good 350-watts for the base setup.

Build your own at the link below!

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