Travel Adventures – 2014 Honda Accord Coupe V6 in the Mountains of the Blue Ridge Parkway


Okay!  Let’s dive in! Part of the delay in writing up this Travel Adventures piece on the Accord Coupe is the surplus of photos.

Seriously! We arrived home with 386 photos from various “Parkway” spots along my adventure on some of America’s finest driving roads. But here is the thing: the photos all look identical! =]

So to make matters relatively simple, about 200 of them are animated in seven GIFs here – with 70 or so of the best in a gallery at the bottom. Also included here are three videos from the Great Smokey Mountains National Park – where many of the photos were shot as well.

Here is hoping Honda is forgiving of the big miles I put on their very speedy – and very sporty – 2014 Accord V6 Coupe EX-L Navi with six-speed manual…

How much am I enjoying the exceptional Honda Accord Coupe with a V6 and six-speed manual?

I have snapped more than five full photo shoots of this press loaner car:

  • in the mountains on the Blue Ridge Parkway,

  • at the Seabrook Island beach club,

  • next to a lake somewhere,

  • and at a few picturesque spots in downtown Charleston

The Accord Coupe has been a perfect model in all scenarios. Stay tuned for the full review apart from these photo travel adventures.


What are the advantages of visiting a national park in a fun car? Let me count the ways…

The roads are typically near-flawless pavement that runs in wonderful ribbons along the sides of steep mountains. There are steep elevation changes and cambers and curves that would never be allowed in modern roads — but these are grandfathered in as historical pieces.

The historical aspect is because many of the paved roads were long-time wagon trails dating to Native American times.


It felt fast and it felt really fun. Overall, this is a car with lightning-quick reflexes: the steering is precise and rapid, as are the brakes and the snicky six-speed manual gearshift. It is a real treat on big mountain roads, with huge power all over the rev range and plenty of torque to pull hard in almost any gear.

Engine power wise, the 3.5-liter V6 feels like it is definitely delivering all 278 of its horsepower – that is for sure. The torque peaks early and the engine does not run out of puff — it keeps pulling harder and harder all the way to the revline.

2014 Honda Accord Coupe V6

Official Photos – 2014 Honda Accord Coupe


Check out the Accord Coupe’s Charleston SC adventure here, or build your own at the Honda link below!


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