RM Monterey 2014 Preview – 1961 Aston-Martin DB4 Superleggera – Lost by Castrol Ltd, Found By You

This sentence originally closed the article, but must be bumped to the front:

This is a Superleggera car — with an alloy bodyshell! HIGHLY DESIRABLE…! Carrozzeria Touring handled these few cars, if we are not mistaken…

This DB4 was originally delivered to Castrol in the United Kingdom, forty years before Castrol motor oils officially became part of British Petroleum in the year 2000. For trivia buffs, CC Wakefield and Company became Castrol in 1960, before being purchased by Burmah Oil in 1966.

But this has nothing to do with this outstandingly-authentic DB4, which is in true “Barn-Find” condition.

Somehow, the car is even more loveable as a result. The pristine examples are all well and good, but what could be nicer than a dirty old girl like this turquoise DB4?

It certainly would not have been Commander Bond’s pick from the “pool” if it were looking like this when he arrived. But more than 60 years later, there is a real charm and genuine panache to the originality shown here.

Collectors are sure to agree: this car is slated for the marquee RM Pebble Beach auction this August in Monterey, California.

Bring your checkbooks. And maybe a wet rag to mildly clean off some of this DB4’s cobwebs…

James Bond typically liked to alternate blazing hot and ice cold in the shower to wake himself up after a four-martini evening.

This DB4 will roar again someday, just as perkily as it did when it was tucked away by some clever chaps at Castrol Ltd.

EXTERIOR – RM Monterey 2014 Preview – 1961 Aston-Martin DB4 Superleggera


INTERIOR – RM Monterey 2014 Preview – 1961 Aston-Martin DB4

THE BARN FIND – RM Monterey 2014 Preview – 1961 Aston-Martin DB4

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