2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Shows Its Trail Rated Skills Off-Road

When someone or something is world-renowned for a certain skill – it is only natural to want to see it performed up close.

It is why we all want to hear a band or musician’s greatest hits mixed in with whatever those weird songs are from the new album. It is the reason Justin Bieber will be belting out “Baby, baby, baby… Ohhh!” until he withers away into dust.

The Jeep Grand Cherokee, and all Jeeps for that matter, have made their Trail Rated prowess a key selling point. No matter how soft the road settings can be to keep everyone serene and peaceful on the highway, the Jeeps with the TR badge are counted on by owners to do their magic off-road.


2014 JEEP Grand Cherokee Off-Road – Hill Descent Animation

Outstanding to see in person. Even if the below maneuvers were nothing new for the Jeep Grand Cherokee, they were new to me. And I would’ve come away less amazing had I not felt and seen them up-close and personal, for myself, with my own two paws and eyes.

A few animations of the Jeep Grand Cherokee doing some delicate off-road dance moves in the off-road trails next to Road America last week. Even the Land Rover off-road guys there to help seemed mildly impressed with the Jeep’s ability to handle these huge grades, huge holes, and the three-wheeled art of creeping slowly through the muddy ruts of these trails.


2014 JEEP Grand Cherokee Off-Roading Animation Two




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