Gorgeous 2015 Alfa-Romeo 4C Revealed in Full USA Trim + New Headlights!

We’ve been pretty bearish on the Alfa 4C’s prospects in the United States – until seeing one in the flesh this week at Road America.

This $66,000 sports coupe is deliciously wide, low and sexy from all sides.

New USA features include a refined set of bumpers to fit our license plates and the latest headlamps from the 4C Spider concept.

Trust me on this: the car is absolutely divine in person, with proportions and style to make your heart ache.

The new lights feature shrouded projector-beams flanked by four white LED daytime-running-lights above the main beam. It is subtle from afar, but miraculous up close for how appealing and well-executed it seems versus the first year’s models now on sale in Europe.

 2015 Alfa-Romeo 4C

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