RM Auctions Monaco 2014 Highlights – 1973 DeTomaso Pantera Rally Special Is Low-Brow Heaven

See!? Just when you think DeTomaso will start bringing some serious loot for his supercars, along comes this Pantera Rally Special – earning just under $80,000 total.

The Pantera took the Mangusta design to the next epoch of supercar style, with a slant-nose and hidden lamps that were all the rage by 1973.

But the Pantera is really a victim of its own popularity and success — the name alone has less cache now than it deserves. This is mostly due to the volume of cars imported to America, and the owners being a less-than-classy bunch. This is like the rockstar car for a one-hit-wonder band.

Guys like Nick Mason of The Who might have owned a Pantera or two, but was not really likely to have made them front and center cassette cover-art throughout the 1980s – as many did.

It was widely thought of as a poor-man’s Countach.

So what better decision than to make it a rally car? We applaud the new livery enthusiastically – nothing short of the Lancia Stratos really blends hypercar and rally-car design ideas better than this affordable classic.

Note the width of the front tires!!!

1973 DeTomaso Pantera Rally Special

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