2017 Maserati MC12 ? LaFerrari Aliante Spyder by IED Torino Shows Potential

I love supercars and hypercars almost too much sometimes. I especially love ones that I have never seen or even fathomed before.

It is that… “Oh… OH!” moment when you realize something so lovely has never before been seen by your eyes.

This idea might be work by students, but the Ferrari Aliante design study is still quite special. In fact, the Turin-based IED student teams are some of the largest feeders to major supercar brands all over the world, but especially within Italy.

This car was designed before LaFerrari even had a name, so the LaFerrari homage in the headline is just to establish the car’s hypercar positioning and dimensions. It is clearly designed to sit atop the Ferrari range.

But the more I gaze into its panels and flowing surfaces, and peer at that brual nose slash, the more this seems like it would be a perfect Maserati MC12 successor, based on LaFerrari running gear and mechanicals. Imagine the Alfieri Maserati grille under that hoodline.


Hopefully the three talented guys who worked on this mastercraft are doing big things out in the real supercar world these days…


Ferrari Aliante Spyder – Designer Contact Details:

Arun Kumar

Daniel Soriano

Magnus Grettve

 2017 Maserati MC12 ? LaFerrari Aliante Spyder by IED Torino Shows Potential


The Ferrari Aliante Concept is a study of an extreme two-seat roadster created for the Ferrari World Design Contest 2011 by IED TUrin students

– Daniel Soriano López

– Arun Kumar Shanmugam

– Magnus Grettve

The concept has the typical proportions of mid-engine sportscars, with a strong stance and planted feel resulting from the the minimal height, the muscular shoulders and the wedge-shaped front end.
For the aggressive face the main inspiration was provided by the iconic Ferrari F40, while the elongated LED headlights and the large “mouth” recall the current 458 Italia.

Another element typical of the brand is the transparent engine cover, which leaves exposed the engine and the hybrid system.

The interior adopts a lotus leaf texture and is dust/water resistant, so that the car can be driven open in the rain, which enhances the Formula-like driving experience.

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