Design Talent Showcase – Ugur Sahin Design Creates First Convincing 250GTO Successor + Delicious LaFerrari Alternative

Are you loving Ugur Sahin’s vision for a modern and flowing hypercar design! And it looks like we’ve not the only ones – his vision for a front-engined GT car called the USD B.V was made into a real-life car by some big fans in Utah.

The name is the most awkward part – but even so, this reskinned GT car does not even seem like Sahin’s best work.

Most importantly, however, Sahin’s design talent and skill is evolving just as fast as his preference for supercars. This is a designer who has come al ong, long way in skill level since the 2010 year tag on some of the projects on his website.

One look at his LinkedIn page suggests some big names are in his future – the suggested listings to right include leads at Pininfarina and Mercedes-Benz.


Ugur Sahin Design – 250GTO Successor

Ferrari has been trying to rekindle the flame of desire sparked by the 250GTO of the late 1950s ever since. Literally every swoopy Ferrari has carried some reference or homage to this Scaglietti-penned piece of lasting excellence. The Ferrari 250 — in all of its many flavors — is easily the most-valuable single nameplate in all of automaking history.

But most of the revivals are barely more than contrived nods – not convincing whatsoever. From our eyes, the tail of this Sahin project and its inboard round lights really make the difference between contrived and convincing. Sahin’s car is firmly convincing and quite desirable from all sides versus the all-too-familiar base points.

Versus the F12’s nose? Each has merit. But the Sahin design does bring the verticality that is more authentically 250GTO – which was truly tiny by modern standards.

Ugur Sahin Design – Delicious Hypercar Excess

There are other hard competitors out there in the hypercar business, not least the violently sexy LaFerrari itself. SO this car might have some rough details that need some final finesse.

What project doesn’t? Recall the original LaFerrari exterior design buck? It was hideous versus the final product.

Even so, with Sahin’s flair for tech-futurism balanced with glamorous mechanical detailing, the rear ventiport spheres look like something from science fiction.

Or perhaps a future Bugatti…?

The sky is the limit for Sahin – and we are eager to see what he draws next. And even more eager to see the ideas come to life.

Ugur Sahin Design -Anthropomorphic Hypercar Vision2

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