VENTURI Taking its Visionary EV Future-Tech to Bonneville and Formula E Racetracks


You cannot fault Venturi Automobiles for their ambition – here is a company with the power to envision and make concept cars that might even fail the Rinspeed or ItalDesign “reality check” test.

Wild ideas like a solar streamliner for commuters, the Antarctic shuttle on treads, and the America off-road cabrio concept are certainly enticing for their rarity and bold vision. The Volage concept is perhaps the most feasible as a sale-able vehicle — with unique ideas present even six years since its first look as a concept in 2008.



The Venturi America off-roader concept also looks fun, but being stranded in a high-temp desert in an EV dune-buggy does not sound ideal.

Nor does the same scenario in the arctic. [Batteries are notoriously trouble-prone and lose power rapidly in any extreme heat or cold.]

The latest ideas from Venturi are still looking like concept-phase executions – but there is clearly skill and investment behind the firm with the splashy launch of the VOXAN Wattman concept bike recently.


Voxan Wattman Voxan Wattman COLORS

But is the investment really working toward a production reality? Even the best and most brilliant EV ideas and companies like Tesla are, truth be told, struggling to find the volume of buyers they need. Other imploded green-sector investments like Fisker show how precarious the leap from idea to market-ready product can be.

Even as these Venturi concepts stand, however, they really do show new ways of thinking when an EV powertrain is planned from a blank sheet of paper onward. Add in the in-wheel motor-generator solution from Michelin — and really anything is possible.

volage-technology-02 VOLAGE_INTERIEUR volage-banner-step02.18002008-Venturi-Volage-Concept-Chassis-Front-And-Side-1920x1440 Venturi Volage Detroit 2010

PART THREE: Big Macro-Economic Reasons EVs Are Still Not Viable in 2014

Venturi America GIF

Lack of huge technological leaps in solar energy generation (by anyone, not just Venturi), plus similar stagnation in battery density possibilities, are the major hurdles to still overcome for all EV fans.

Even behemoth Michelin has not found much ‘traction’ in the marketplace, per se, for the in-wheel power solution.


The other assumption that all these EV makers relied upon when making their plans and projections?

That gasoline and diesel pricing would be double what it actually is today: with pricing in the $140-plus range per barrel used in many equations. This does not reflect the continuing $95-per-barrel pricing that has been relatively steady since 2013. Many in the EV industry continue to watch stable gasoline prices — but the costs for nickel and lithium for batteries increasing steadily.

Nickel and battery production costs are squeezed by consumer electronic demand on all sides — with extra market fluctuations in the cost of mining the metals just another added layer of complexity. So now these EV startups need to hedge their battery buys like Southwest does its jet fuel? That is a lot on any startup’s plate — and balance sheet.

Edit: Venturi is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year – making is less of a startup than many…

This is the opposite of good news for EV dreamers, and even for Prius hybrid reality.

Nonetheless, the bold vision for an EV future outlined by Venturi is to be commended — if only the economics made as much sense to buyers as they do to green-world dreamers…




So, has Venturi thrown in the towel? Far from it. VEnturi is the leading force behind this fall’s new Formula E racing series — which is poised to becominga  huge global force for both exciting motorsports as well as tech. Rearch and development on the racetracks of the world will bring in far-reaching groups like Renault with the Spark-Renault SRT_01E, Qualcomm with the Halo wireless charger system (perhaps in the track concrete next year!) and numerous others.

Bonnevile racers are in the plan too for Venturi this year.

So, while the price of oil still sadly sways many consumers more than their ecological conscience — VENTURI is improving the EV breed. And it will be ready to pounce when consumers are finally ready for silent and gasoline-free motoring.

Watch this space. VENTURI and Formula E are set to make big news very soon, with the first race on September 13th of this year in Beijing and official entrants from big names like Audi already zinging around test tracks today in their EV racers.

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The FIA Formula E championship is beginning with Beijing, China, on 13rd September 2014.

London is set to stage the season finale (Round 10) on 27th June 2015.


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