Mustang 50th Anniverary Showcase – $150,000 Race-Prepped 1986 Mustang GT Convertible!

An unlikely hero?  Here it is!  The 1986, Fox-body Mustang GT Convertible.

Proof that being feeling young and hip and bad-ass will never go out of style.

Like all cyclical trends, the 1980s, 1990s and pre-2005 Mustangs were all firmly out-of-favor at the Mustang 50th Anniversary extravaganza in Charlotte. But even while the public moslty fawns over most-popular first and latest-gen cars, these 80s and 90s Mustangs are still the epitome of fast and brash youth culture to their owners.

This was my key take-away from meeting hundreds of Mustang guys: The Mustang of all years and styles embodies being a bad-ass teen with the world your playground.

The Ford Mustang means heroic teenage bravado.

The Ford Mustang is an achievement, and a statement of intent toward the established (aka: older folks’) world. Boring can wait. Now is the time to show some balls via joyful teenage hooning.

Therefore, the cool look of whatever Mustang was around when you turned 16 is typically the cool factor you are forever chasing from then on.

This is no bad thing – reliving our glory days is one of the most pervasive and universal passtimes among all people, male and female alike, across the globe.

But the 1986 Mustang Convertible that comes along with that semi-frozen, but still glorious, memory?

It can be overhauled extensively — to the tune of nearly $150,000 in upgrades — and made track-ready and just as quick as the latest factory machines.

This 1986 Mustang might look out-of-style, but to driver Randy, it is his icon.

Just like he remembers it.

But now much, much faster!



Race-Prepped 1986 Mustang GT Convertible!

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