2015 Ford Transit Is Nearly Here! Summer 2014 Arrival — Work Van Revolution Via RWD Diesel and EcoBoost V6 Plus Decent Cabin

Cargo van, passenger van, cut-away or chassis cab:

  • Three wheelbases.

  • Three roof heights.

  • Three engines: 2.5-liter turbodiesel, 3.7-liter V6, 3.5-liter EcoBoost.

  • Rear drive.

  • Six-speed automatic.

The 2015 Ford Transit is nothing short of a revolution. This is perhaps my fifth time through the configurations and specs since the first teasers emerged about this time last year — and certainly my third or fourth total article on how important this new truck is.

Building it in Kansas City is not small achievement for this once-European model, now honed and up-fit for American truck buyer needs. The second challenge?

Ford has been building the same Econoline in this, the largest single factory complex in the United States, since about 1975. That makes any new model changeover quite the task.

But at long last, the new Transit is so close you can see its school-bus-yellow color within just a few months time.

Just one color? Come on now.

With an interior as refined and tech-infused as the Focus, the Transit is also offered in a variety of tasteful new tans, greys, greens, blues and, of course, the black and white staples that are so popular for hotel shuttles and contractors.


Stay tuned for all the Transit updates. We predict the first few body styles — cargo and passenger vans, likely — should start to trickle into Ford stores by June of this year.

And if, for some unknow-able reason, you still prefer the E-Series van after one smooth drive in the Transit? Ford has plenty of them stocked up — and will sell the two alongside one another until the middle of 2015.

Check out all the body and cab styles for yourself at the Ford.com Transit Combinator — or in the flesh sooner than later in every American city by Fall of this year…


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