Sexy Embedded Photo Polls — Round One — Color Showdown! 2014 Corvette Stingray Colors in Tournament Brackets

With color a critical choice for loving any car long-term, care to see what others prefer on the 2014 Corvette Stingray Convertible?

Winners from each bracket will move on in the tournament, while losers will face immediate knockout — until only one color is left standing!

Instructions: vote for each color you prefer, the next bracket will come up automatically.



Stay tuned for the results next week, and feast your eyes on all the colors via the images below.

COlors 2 GIF COlors 1 GIF 2014-----03-31_194635-tile - Copy 2014-----03-31_194635-tile - Copy (2) 2014-----03-31_194635-tile2014-Chevrolet-CorvetteConv Droptop Animation Fast?????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????????


Wheels 1 GIF COlors 1 GIF