Honda Heritage Celebration — Official Togichi Museum PhotoSpheres — 71 Honda-isms and Milestone Achievements Since 1936

Auto Museums are super cool. Even if your eyes glaze over at the thought of visiting a dark and endless art museum — if you like cars, you will be ecstatic the moment you walk into any car museum.

Why? The cars are there because they are objectively so, so important. So important that they cannot even be stored in the basement archives of the car company — but need to be proudly displayed for both internal teams and the public to admire.

Another amazing reason car museums should be on your radar?

These collections are expertly-curated and laid out in a story-telling fashion. Museum audio tours are recommended to really learn a huge volume of any car company’s story. Not just bits and pieces, either — the full story. This car influenced the next, and on down the line to 2014 and 2020 models.

They are definitely worth a trip.

But if you are not nearby? Google has a new PhotoSphere project that is nearly as good — if a bit ponderous and click-intensive to move around.

The arrows and such work just like StreetView, while the scroll on your mouse zooms in and out. Pan? Click-drag left and right to turn “your” head.

This Google PhotoSphere visual fly-around in the museum is pretty cool.

Views: Honda Collection Hall by Google Maps

The racecars are in this one…

Views: Honda Collection Hall by Google Maps



Or this starting point shows cars from about 1970 forward. Use the little arrow icons to walk around, or cursor-drag to change where you want to look.


Views: Honda Collection Hall by Google Maps

The Honda Collection Hall will also get you closer to some of the firm’s pioneering individuals and achievements, such as the racer shown below. Is it s Bentley Blower? Nope. A Honda!




71 Honda-Isms Since 1936


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