Concept Flashback: 2006 BMW GINA Light Visionary Roadster – Animations of Dynamic Surfaces

2006 BMW GINA – Animations of Dynamic Surfaces

The 2006 Concept GINA is still a memorable favorite.

While the idea of a fabric-wrapped, space-frame skeleton is tough to fathom, it is a real possibility in the coming years.Why? Active aerodynamics and panel shaping are far simpler without stamped steel or alloy for the main panels.

Even though the GINA is visually polarizing, this concept is certainly ahead of its time.

Imagine surfaces weighing 1/10th the amount of even the lightest carbon-fiber panels. The BMW Z4 would suddenly tip the scales at perhaps 2,200 pounds versus ~3,500 – which is nothing to forget in the search for ultimate performance/efficiency.

The GINA’s design, like many concept cars, is really hard to grasp via just a few photos. So many of its surfaces are dynamic – it almost needs animation.

Here are the 2006 BMW GINA concept’s dynamic surfaces and embedded LED lighting.

Headlights Animation – 2006 BMW Concept GINA

Hood Animation – 2006 BMW Concept GINA

Dynamic Surfaces Animation – 2006 BMW Concept GINA

Taillights Animation – 2006 BMW Concept GINA

Static Photos Gallery –  2006 BMW Concept GINA

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