2015 Chevrolet Impala Station Wagon? Twin Renderings Explore The Speculative Idea

These are just for fun – a way of imagining new body styles for the hugely popular new Chevy Impala sedan.


Yes, the Chevrolet SS with its big V8 and rear-drive does have a wagon variant abroad, as does the Buick Regal in the Opel Insignia Tourer.

But this front-drive, “affordable large car” has a great track record of success with American family car shoppers.  These new parents are the most unusual in their buying habits: they generally want whatever type car they did not grow up riding around inside as a child themselves.

So as the full-frame SUV becomes the AWD crossover, there might be some appetite for a Station Wagon renaissance. A car large enough to pick up your whole family (plus luggage) at the train station.

These are extremely rough first-results from a quick rendering project, and are 100% speculative – as their quality likely indicates without saying.

I will say this: there were a couple of dead ringers for the BMW 535i GT as that roof angle changed…

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