My 30PSI-Boosting Subaru Legacy GT on HD GoPro Video + Photo Comparo vs Cadillac CTS 3.6 Wagon

This one is pretty fun. My first external GoPro mounting that also includes some very hard driving.

Challenge: Name that Video’s Locale!

At least half the time in this film was spent worrying that the camera would fly off the hood at any moment!

Got lucky this time, but definitely looking into a more reliable and stick-able suction mount.

My Personal Subaru Legacy GT Limited Wagon in photo comparo versus 2011 Cadillac CTS 3.6 Wagon.

Which would you prefer?

Worth noting is that the Subaru is currently in the shop at the moment for a 115,000-mile service. A “Custom Tune” is about as hard to find and purchase as a black unicorn, however, which worries me for the long-term life left in this 2.5-liter turbo boxer.

We are getting some grumbling from the third clutch this machine has worn, with the fourth only a few months away at best. Hoping that the upgraded performance clutch will not bring its own bag of tricks like this BNR Supercars turbocharger, but as I type this out loud: I know it will.


I am also in Amazon at this very moment trying to order two replacement rims. These are Drag DR-32 wheels, and are as soft as silly putty if you ever hit a big pothole.

The right side of the car is so wrecked from a giant pothole the other week that over 75MPH the car shimmies like a vibrating mattress.

Easy come, easy go. They cost about $130 each, shipped, which is good value for 18’s. But not a lifetime purchase, that is for sure.




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