Concept to Reality: Infiniti Essence vs. Emerg-E vs. Q30 vs. Next Q60 Coupe?

Very exciting, fast moves from Infiniti this year.


While the name change is still being fine-tuned for its roll-out beyond the Q50 and the new QX60 Hybrid — all the foundation building blocks are in place for an all-star mid-term future for the company.

In short:

Fast luxury cars, made well.

Now even more beautiful!


More beautiful in large part from the Infiniti design skunkwerks in uptown Paddington.

For this Concept to Reality article, the Concept Q30 from Frankfurt 2013 will step in as the near-production example of these design ideas.

The Q30 looks great. It is confusing – slightly – because it is a tall hatch at first glance.

But in fact, it is the Hot New Look of the next FX and EX – the forthcoming ~2016 QX70 and many more.


While cropping and preparing the images, I noted at least a dozen cues from the Essence and Emerg-E designs that are directly appearing on the all-new 2014 Q50 Hybrid.


Infiniti Essence Concept – Exterior 1

Infiniti Essence Concept – Exterior 2

Infiniti Essence Concept – Interior

Infiniti Emerg-E Concept – Exterior

Infiniti Q30 Concept – Exterior

Infiniti to Reveal Formula One Inspired Concept at Detroit Show

Final thoughts on this Friday afternoon:

  • Name change is okay.

  • Update: Perhaps QFX and QEX? Q-prefix still… ? 

  • Worst thing would be to abandon the mission. Stick with it! 

  • The real-life 2014 Q50 Hybrid’s design is really growing on me.

  • Infiniti should just buy Lotus Cars outright. How much could the road cars operation be worth for a cash-in-hand buyer?

  • In these topsy-turvy times, only about $200 million bought a third of Aston Martin this summer. A third!

  • So the future is a gamble – especially for independent sports-car experts.

  • But dear my esteemed business hero, The Legendary Mister Carlos Ghosn:

  • How about a new R&D center with a brand of pure billet gold?

  • I know some Infiniti dealers who would love a nice showroom race car. InfiLotusRedBullRenaultSport!!  2015! =]

  • Acquire Lotus Cars Ltd, please.

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