Amelia Parking Lot Finds ~1966 Alpine A110 Berlinette

Amelia Parking Lot Finds ~1966 Alpine A110 Berlinette

When no one knows how many of a particular car model was ever imported into North America, the number is surely under five in total.

Sidebar: Anyone remember the “Ameritech McLaren F1” ? Case in point. Owned by the CEO of.. let’s speculate… Ameritech! 

Why Ameritech? Because this corporation could afford to bring it over without type approvals, and without waiting for the 25-year-old classic cars loophole in order to make it road legal. 

A client demonstration platform, I can hear someone saying.

So his guys stuck some nasty reflectors on the side of the F1 and slid it past the Connecticut DMV plates department — perhaps on the promise of long distance landline affordability.

The Alpine A110 was never officially imported, but that did not stop those who loved its alloy/fiber bodywork, various potent rear-slung engines, and extra-short five-speed manual transmission.

Based loosely on Renault4 running gear, the car can be best thought of in the same was as a Beetle informed and helped propel the Porsche 911 to greatness.

But the key difference? The A110 is extremely low. Porsche 356 low, but Porsche 911S/C wide. All great for rally racing — where this little slugger pulled in a few significant victories by the early 1970s across the globe.

Let’s recap:

One of perhaps five in total in the United States? Check

Rear-engine fun? Check.

Under 1200 total pounds? Check.

Gorgeous metallic racing blue paint? Check.

This one was in my carass this weekend down in Amelia Island, Florida — with regular sightings over multiple days.

Did it drive 3200-miles from California to northern Florida with its loving owners suit bags on the other seat? Yes!

…Perhaps…! =]

More likely? It came in from LA with the rest of the Gooding crew — either by truck or cargo plane.

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