Corrida de los Aventadores! Amelia Island is New Pamplona? Two Stunning Lamborghini V12 Flagships

Too many bullfighting metaphors for this early in the morning?

We are resisting the urge to put in Chayanne’s “Torero” pop song in here as well… so it could always be worse!


Si hay que ser, torero
Poner el alma en el ruedo
No importa lo que se venga
Pa’que sepas que te quiero
Como un buen torero
Me juego la vida por tí….

** loose translation**

If you must be a bullfighter: you put your soul in harm’s way

No matter the outcome

No matter how you hope it will go

Like a good fighter

I play this lifegame all for you


Next lines in the chorus (that played on a loop in Madrid when I lived there ten years ago)?

Y te cuentan que ya me vieron en solitario en un callejón
Que ya no duermo y desvarío que el humor ya me cambió
Y tu por donde estas que mi presión ya no me va
Te buscaré, vuelve conmigo
Y que tu no sabes

**even looser interpretation:**

They’ll tell you: you’re going onto the stadium ground alone (this time)

Be alert. Discard all humor and change to a fighter

You’ll all tell me not to go. But I’ll look for you.

Come with me. You will never believe (the rush).

The Aventador Roadster was a delicious surprise in white with sinister dark rims.

The fiery coupe’s orange hue really stands apart in a supercar crowd as well. It is a bold colors like many of the Miura SV’s shades — and is beautiful from absolutely every angle.

The other really cool thing about these two colors together? They are the Corrida colors in Pamplona. Everyone wears white and orange/red. Everyone.

So what does the Avantador have to do with this silly song? It is all about sex appeal, and living life dangerously. All to snag the girl…

Next up, Chayanne’s other classic… “Cuando Tu Vas…” =]

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