SRT Viper Mega Galleries — Nikon DSLR Photos from Autobahn Country Club + New Anodized Carbon and Stryker Green

Ooooh! These are pretty great photos from last Fall.

Chrysler has never liked me, and the feeling is very mutual — so probably not many more Viper drives forthcoming any time soon.

First impressions from low-speed parking lot stuff? (I was late that morning and missed track briefing.) It felt … pretty amazingly bad after the Corvette Stingray and GT-R.

It does look good, however.

I always forget that I am … sortof a talented photographer as well.

Why Viper stuff today? I have a new theory about a (possible — very unlikely tho) Viper chassis underneath Alfieri Maserati concept, so am dusting these photos off while preparing a possible visual comparison for next week.


Post Script: Heading to Amelia Island for the Concours tomorrow. Please tolerate limited posting and new articles until I return on Saturday.

Or, perhaps Sunday. It will depend on how well-stocked the refreshment areas are and if this rain subsides.

You can always comment on the wall if you miss me too much to even rise from your bed in my absence. =]


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