TechArt Showing 13 Mad Porsche Customs in Geneva + Exclusive 911 Noselift System for Tall Driveways

Geneva supercars? Again?

Oh yes.

TechArt GIF Calendar

TechArt is one of my favorite technical upgrade shops because their focus is primarily under the hood.


Yes, they embellish their models with lurid body kits and wild colors: but that is only to show off the amazing power and grip solutions TechArt has done in the oily parts of these Porsches.


A few all-stars are present and accounted-for in the TechArt Geneva lineup, with much focus these days on the Cayenne and Panamera.


TECHART_Magnum_for_Porsche_Cayenne_models_exterior3 TECHART_Magnum_for_Porsche_Cayenne_models_exterior6 TECHART_GrandGT_for_Porsche_Panamera_Turbo_exterior3 TECHART_GrandGT_for_Porsche_Panam77777era_Turbo_exterior3

The 911 is not left out: TechArt’s upgraded 911’s also look good enough to kiss on the badge.

TECHART unveils numerous innovations at 84th Geneva International Motor Show 2014


13 innovations allocated to 5 vehicles. TECHART Automobildesign presents new individualization options for current Porsche models at 84th Geneva International Motor Show.


TECHART Highlights:

– TECHART Individualization for Porsche 911 Turbo models


– TECHART Power Kit TA 091/T1.1 for Porsche 911 Turbo S

– TECHART Exhaust System Sport with valve-control for Porsche 911 Turbo S

TECHART Noselift System for Porsche 911 models

TECHART_Calendar_2014_January TECHART_Noselift_System_for_Porsche_911_models

TECHART Individualization for Porsche 911 Carrera 4 models


– TECHART GrandGT for Porsche Panamera models

– TECHART Power Kit TA 070/T1 for Porsche Panamera Turbo models



– TECHART Exhaust Systems Sport for Porsche Panamera models

– TECHART Magnum Edition Noir for Porsche Cayenne models

– TECHART Aerodynamic Kit I for Porsche Cayenne models

– TECHART Power Kit TA 058/SD2 for Porsche Cayenne S Diesel

– TECHART Formula IV light-alloy wheel
– TECHART Carbon Line


One exciting discovery this morning from TechArt? Their diesel performance kit bumps torque to a frankly-astounding 1000NM, which is about 737 pound-feet? Why does that cap sound familiar?

TECHART_Magnum_for_Porsche_Cayenne_models_exterior2 TECHART_Magnum_for_Porsche_Cayenne_models_exterior7 TECHART_Magnum_engine_parts_01

It is generally the maximum approved torque load for some of Germany’s top automatic trasmissions. This is why the Mercedes-Benz S65 and others have hovered at this level for a few years.


It is also a tuning roadmap: if torque is capped, it lets the engineers work harder at horsepower and real-world throttle response. These are hugely important to buyers — and priorities that go by the wayside when the goal is headline power figures.

TECHART_Calendar_2014_overview TECHART_Calendar_2014_November TECHART_Calendar_2014_March TECHART_Calendar_2014_June


Another exciting find? A front lift kit for the Porsche 911 using hydraulics to raise the nose for steep driveways or speedbumps. This has long been a Ferrari, and especially Lamborghini, feature — and is integrated (a bit) into the Porsche 918 Spyder as well.

TECHART_GrandGT_for_Porsche_Panamera_Turbo_interior2 TECHART_GrandGT_for_Porsche_Panamera_Turbo_interior1

The 918 Spyder can be fitted with a hydraulic lift kit that raised all four wheels off the ground for tire changes or underbody inspections.


The 918 Spyder also employs this same hydraulic system in all corners of its active aerodynamics, so it is exciting to see TechArt take steps toward truly astounding active aero upgrades in the coming years.

Why hydraulics versus electric motors for various active shutters and front lift kits?


On second look — TechArt’s front lift may be a mechanical ram up front to lift that nose by a few inches.

But overall, hydraulics are preferred for a few reasons:

— the tech is long-perfected in aeronautics

— the hydraulic pumps have variable speeds they can operate with: from slowly deploying a spoiler, to ramming it vertical like the McLaren 12, and all the way back.

— The pumps can be stashed in some unseen corner of the car and operate silently

— Once actuated, the pressure stays constant. Thereby limiting truly gale-force winds ability to — in theory — move the flaps by themselves.


— Only recently has this become critical in hypercars, but no passenger jetliner would ever be as safe without these innovations

Overall, TechArt is on the cutting edge of Porsche technology. Their upgrades bring any 911 or Panamera to a “Turbo SS” level of visual impact, even if it was only ordered with a meek engine and smaller wheels than the current vogue.

In fact, I line the sound of that name! TechArt Turbo SS!

Be sure to get up-close and personal with these beauties in Geneva this week.

TECHART_Calendar_2014_packaging TECHART_GrandGT_for_Porsche_Panam77777era_Turbo_exterior3-vert22 TECHART_Magnum_for_Porsche_Cayenne_models_exterior4 TECHART_Magnum_for_Porsche_Cayenne_models_exterior1 TECHART_for_Porsche_911_Turbo_models_rear_01 TECHART_for_Porsche_911_C4S_interior2 TECHART_for_Porsche_911_C4S_interior1