Young Henry Ford Lookin’ Gangster! 2014 Mustang Widebody + 2015 Mustang Starring in Need For Speed Movie — 20 HQ Photos

I am not sure if you will agree, but, to me: the NFS trailer from summer 2013 made this movie seem like a pretty lackluster effort.

Luckily, that no longer seems to be the case. Production values are especially-important to movie-goers. Many of these fans can spot crappy CGI effects from 10,000 miles away. Jump-cuts and sloppy slow-mo? You just lost all M13-34.

I only got four seconds into summer’s teaser trailer before an (involuntary) Big Eye-roll.

So, among this audience: it is critical to have the action feel, sound and look as authentic as possible.

Ford Mustang has been a star of the silver screen and the small screen for nearly 50 years, with more than 3,200 appearances in movies and television shows. Now, the all-new Mustang is getting off to a quick start with its movie debut in “Need for Speed” on March 14.

The Ford Mustang is this movie’s hero car. But not just one Ford Mustang!

The 2014 Miami Homestead pace car is featured in these images, but the real 2015 Ford Mustang is also front-and-center in this hot new car action flick.

Henry Ford looking tough and handsome in long coat beside Rouge Assembly Plant — ca ~1921

Yes, the emotional and pensive elements of the NFS movie might be lacking some luster.

But not the latest graphics!

Have you ever played NFS? There is much more hard throttle than hard brake. It is the perfect premise for a high-budget car chase. Or how about 10 in a row?

That is the entire NFS game’s appeal! It taps some primal “World’s Wildest Police Videos” aspirations shared among all car guys.



I watched so many World’s Wildest when I had only three channels in college… that

a) We just called it WWPV for short

b) I started to feel a real (but, in fact: imagined) bond with executive producer Paul Stojanovich Sr.

c) When talking to my old college roommate on the phone years later, I could not help but start with: “Paul Stojanovich died!”

d) They knew exactly who I was referring to, and replied, “Oh NO!” like he was our close pal.

Hopefully the Need For Speed movie will generate the same kind of passion. I typed Need Ford Speed about 3X while writing this brief article, by the way =]

Official Details from Ford below.


  • Ford-designed and built custom wide body Mustang used in the new movie “Need for Speed” will be auctioned for charity

  • All-new 2015 Ford Mustang and 2015 Ford F-150 will be on display at the auction in West Palm Beach, Fla.

  • Ford will offer ride-and-drives at the auction in vehicles from its 2014 lineup; Shelby GT500, Focus ST and Fiesta ST are primed for hot-lap experiences

A custom 2014 Ford Mustang GT starring in the new movie, “Need for Speed,” will be auctioned off for charity by Ford Motor Company at the Barrett-Jackson Palm Beach auction on April 12.

Building on the excitement of the movie, premiering March 14, this Mustang will be offered at no reserve, with proceeds benefiting the Henry Ford Health System, a not-for-profit group founded by Henry Ford to improve the health and well-being of a diverse community.

Henry Ford looking tough and handsome in long coat beside Rouge Assembly Plant — ca ~1921

Need for Speed” is the latest of more than 3,200 film and television appearances for Mustang over the past 50 years. The Mustang being auctioned is one of a handful developed purely for the movie to appear on the silver screen and at promotional stops.

The movie car boasts a custom-designed wide body rolling on unique Forgiato 22-inch alloy wheels. Other design elements include an enlarged lower grille with new air intakes, extended rocker panels, a twin-snorkel hood and low-profile mirrors. The visual sizzle is amplified by custom silver paint with Kona Blue racing stripes and angel-eye fog lamps in the grille.

“Mustang was cast in a leading role of the movie with screen time equal to many of the actors,” said Steve Ling, North America car marketing manager for Ford. “Director Scott Waugh challenged our team to give this central character enough personality and American masculinity to take on some of the world’s most exotic cars, just like in the popular Electronic Arts video game that inspired the movie.

“The new owner of this particular Mustang will take home a rare vehicle, and their bid will increase access to critical health care services.”

Founded in 1915, the Henry Ford Health System is one of the nation’s leading comprehensive, integrated health systems. It provides health insurance and health-care delivery, including acute-, specialty-, primary- and preventive-care services, backed by excellence in research and education. Additional information is available at

“Need for Speed” is one of the most successful racing video game franchises in the world, with more than 140 million games sold since the original edition debuted 20 years ago. The Dreamworks Studios film stars Aaron Paul (“Breaking Bad”), Dominic Cooper (“Captain America”), Imogen Poots (“Fright Night”) and Michael Keaton (“Batman”), and is directed by Waugh (“Act of Valor”).

Beyond the South Florida Fairgrounds auction stage, Ford will offer ride-and-drive and hot-lap experiences. The public can sample Ford’s stable of 2014 vehicles, as well as hot-lap experiences in the Shelby GT500, Focus ST and Fiesta ST. In addition, Ford is showing the all-new 2015 Mustang and 2015 F-150 in South Florida for the first time.

For auction information, visit the Barrett-Jackson website or Facebook.



Audiences are invited to share stories of where they would go in a Mustang at – the best stories will be made into short films

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