All The Pretty Cavallino – Seabrook Island, SC Equestrian Center

Those Alpha and Beta nametags on some articles?

They are … not a joke. The ‘alpha‘ usually means I have zero clue if something will work properly, or even show up at all on my v.dynamic website!

Beta means I am pretty sure something I’ve created and coded will display. If it works, the Beta tag goes West.

If not, it stays in Beta jail… forever =]

Alas, my dream of a lightboxed photo experience… managed entirely on Facebook’s end… was too-good-to-be true.

And you know the saying, “If something seems too good to be true, it probably is.”

That certainly applies to people and their many, complex motivations in life.

ps- yes, i see the oddjob crop in there. But im’a publish this anyway!

One creature is remarkably clear in its wants, needs and quality-of-life demands.

Those are thoroughbred horses and stallions. They are quite predictable with clearly-defined goals.

Famous cowboys always note how helpful the horses’ ears are when riding at night.

This sweet horse is a Jewel Eye, with different shades left and right.

The horse’s ears basically are on 360-degree swivels — which offers a clear indication to the rider where the noise originated.

Never bad to have a second set of eyes and ears. For companionship and long-term satisfaction, few creatures Great and Small can top these horses at Seabrook.

Perhaps it is my blood relation to James Herriot, a Scot — But one thing I know. Animals like me (…more than people do, sometimes.)

My paternal g-ma was named Rosmond Herriot. She went to high-school with Kurt Vonnegut in Princeton, Indiana.

I am totally serious! Ask me to find the photo scans of awkward, moody teenage Kurt in scans of her yearbook.

She was a wonderful woman. We called her Grandma Woozie.

With a soft approach and some puppy talk, the horses were all very friendly. No great action shots today, except for the big grass-rolls-fest before siestita

Will keep my eyes peeled for more dynamic motion shots down at the stable.