2015 Ford Mustang GT in Triple Yellow — Mean, Lean and Ready To Brawl in 50 Real-Life Photos

As you may start to notice: I am not a fan of auto show photos.

The lighting is usually all wrong, the cars mobbed with other snappers, and the resulting images typically a delete-tastic disaster.

Even as a kid roaming Chicago’s McCormick Place every winter, filling my promo bags with three copies of every brochure book — I realized very quickly that taking my own camera was a total waste of effort.

The lighting and layout equivalent would be like taking your glossy wedding photos in a thumping 4AM nightclub.

I bet you’d look a little rougher than you did 12 hours before outside a sunny church somewhere.

But what if the only non-CGI images of a brand-new icon come from these auto shows? Then so be it!

The Mustang looks incredible in the flesh, and especially in this yellow GT hue with black rims. It is a solid look — and one that will surely cause stoplight duels with Camaro’s and Mercedes-Benz AMG drivers for the first few months on the road.

The new engines are a base 3.7-liter V6, an optional turbo four, and the whopping 5.0-liter Coyote V8. This V8 is amazing, with deep lungs and serious low-RPM torque that recent Ford V8s generally lacked.

Sidebar: In my experience, the Mustangs of old were missing their key USP for many V8 lovers: torque! What is the point of a V8 if it must rev to hell to make any progress at all?

Back to the latest yellow GT images photos. I am so accustomed to renderings and other CGI-type imagery that I almost use the word image by default instead of photo. Only offering this scoop on ‘image’ types to help us all learn this new tech together — not simply to be a snarky Aries.


There is a big difference (especially at Ford) between CGI and RLP (Real-Life Photography) — an acronym I just made up on the spot.

Did you see the Aston N430 spinner’s lighting effects?

The 90 photos in this turntable are all CGI renders. Very, very good ones.

Stunning and very far ahead of the CGI shown by Ford in the blurry, 4MB renders of the Expedition this week. Simply plopped over the also-faked 2014 Expedition in this delightful fantasy-scape.

So what is the absolute opposite of CGI renders and auto show photos? Professionally-shot imagery.

Despite Ford showing the Lighting Lab in the below images… the photos from that shoot have yet to cross my desk.

Or how to the real digital guru’s do it? Check out the below Need For Speed photo shoot.

Yes, that is maybe 20 guys about two feet from the Mustang’s hot new LED styles up front.

But these auto show photos are indeed real cars. Real lenses, and really huge cameras. Big hat tips to the below for these photos. Thanks guys!


Tom Burkart is the founder and managing editor of Car-Revs-Daily.com, an innovative and rapidly-expanding automotive news magazine.

He holds a Journalism JBA degree from the University of Wisconsin – Madison. Tom currently resides in Charleston, South Carolina with his two amazing dogs, Drake and Tank.

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