My Car In Detailed Turntable Animations + 30 Photos — 2005 Subaru Legacy GT Limited

One would assume that after working for some big tech names like and Starcom Worldwide that I would be able to master aspect ratios.

Yet that silly Kodak-style 4×6, 5×7 etc layout glitch often keeps my swanky animations from playing on the homepage. Probably for the best — the site is slugggg-ish today, and those Aston Martin N430 Spinners topped 8MB in some configurations.

Each! So, not exactly a low-bandwidth type of mind on thisguy.

Sidebar: all the GIFs are download-able on purpose =]

Regardless, I saw another very pretty car today that might make for an attractive animated turntable: my own Subie!

This poor, battered and (poorly-modified) machine! It is looking pretty good today after four car washes this week and an exhaustive time spent with a gasoline rag removing tar stains from the fenders.

The missing spoiler? I’m glad you asked!  It flew off violently on I88 near Oak Brook Mall’s iPass lanes. If seen, please call… 312.444.3456

Just kidding. It was loose since I backed into the garage door earlier this winter. But remember: never (ever) stop on the highway in the snow. Period.

So Tom, what else did you do today? Perhaps this explains why you no longer work for those big-name companies? Hmmm?

The dogs and I had some beach time during lunch-break, which was nice.

Plus, a ton of other efforts on dozens of other v.urgent projects… including

  • (planning to schedule)
  • a haircut and dentist appointment.

  • Ordering a GoPro3 HD from Amazon

  • Perhaps shave/shower. Or Perhaps not.


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He holds a Journalism JBA degree from the University of Wisconsin – Madison. Tom currently resides in Charleston, South Carolina with his two amazing dogs, Drake and Tank.

Mr. Burkart is available for all questions and concerns by email Tom(at)

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