2014 Hyundai Genesis Coupe 3.8 Track Pack — Looking Great in Latest Real Life Photos!

The driving characteristics of the Genesis coupe remain unknown to this author.

I tried to go spend some time reviewing sporty Hyundai or Kia models since making some bold critiques of the Sorento’s variable electric steering last fall.

I was not eager to report how atrocious the Sorento’s steering was in all three settings — but honesty and authenticity are sorely lacking from most auto mags these days. How unhelpful is that for shoppers?

As you may know by now, we are not into dancing around the truth until the page runs out.

Alas, no test drive (or even interior unlocking) was forthcoming at Hyundai. I was quite tired after visiting five other car dealers that same day, and had little/no patience left.

My one takeaway: the test drive is the only thing salesmen can lord over shoppers. So absurd — no one buys a car they have not driven or even sat inside.

Were I a car dealer, I would have keys in hand before we even walked half a mile to find the cars a shopper wanted to see.

For people like me, a test drive refusal is like a giant middle finger from an auto brand overall. I know Hyundai cares very much what auto writers think.

Car writers are not only influential, but are often a leading indicator of what many shoppers will think later on.

Sorry guys — I tried to write some good things but overall have little encouraging advice. Biting tongue on other observations from this atypical dealer visit.

Enjoy these photos of the Genesis Coupe regardless, with special badges on the white Track Pack car.

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