2014 XTS4 Vsport Platinum — First-Drive Videos and New Cadillac Showroom Concept

Despite big desire for better videos and (some) effort from me, these are perhaps the worst quality of any of mine yet. Shockingly bad, even for my third final GoPro knock-off camera.

Time to upgrade my tech package to the real thing…

Edit — removed driving video. In addition to poor quality, the audio is out of sync. Too embarrassing to discuss further.

The XTS4 Vsport is also a huge upgrade versus the previous-generation STS models and even the first few flavors of XTS to hit the market.

In performance, rigidity, quality, competitiveness and durability — the old STS was long overdue for these XTS upgrades.

In Vsport trim, this is the first of many future Cadillac models to receive twin-turbocharged power.

Overall, on the 20-inch rims of the Platinum model in the photos, this XTS4 is far more attractive than many originally recognized. In the Vsport trim, dark wheels and trims up the drama even more.

The most impressive aspects for me came in three flavors:

— interior quality and refinement, as well as comfort and tech. The magnetic suspension helps deliver near air-ride comfort that can flash individual corners to sports-car firmness around corners in nanoseconds.

— very impressive steering feel, great power and excellent grip when firing a quick full-throttle turn onto the highway from a stop sign.

The transmission also seemed very good, too.

— lastly, the details of this new prototype Cadillac showroom really would clinch a deal for me if I were moving to Cadillac from Lexus, BMW or Infiniti.

Overall, the XTS is a really underrated limo at this point. Pricing starts at $45,000 and extends to $75,000 on the loaded Platinum Vsport tester.

Please note once again: these exterior photos are the XTS Platinum model, whereas we drove the Platinum Vsport.


Exterior Walk-around and Showroom Tour – Baker Cadillac in Charleston, SC

The new Cadillac showroom experience:


2014 Cadillac XTS – Real-Life, High-Res Photos


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