Comparo/Long-Term Test – Porsche Design Computermaus vs HP Elite

Mid-term Update: Stopped using Porsche mouse. Middle button too cumbersome, no side scroll, shoddy laser on wood desk. Also too small for my paw — makes me feel like a giant (because it is far too small of a mouse…)

[Orig Published on: Dec 26, 2013 @ 22:16]

This Porsche Design Computermaus rounded out a very lovely Christmas with the family this year. In white, this wireless silhouette is a personal favorite already.

This piece is part of the Porsche Design – Driver’s Selection.

But how does it feel? And how does it perform over the long haul?

My current mouse is already pretty snazzy: the HP Elite – which has a titanium frame and very hushed keystrokes.

The unboxing is fun: packaged well with its own Energizer batteries, all that is left is to plug in the tiny (Porsche-branded) wireless USB receiver.

Initial thoughts?

It is smaller than the HP Elite mouse in my hand, but balanced much nicer.

This helps it move more smoothly, and response better to your controls.

Good Things – Porsche Design Computermaus

– Easy setup – no drivers or other nonsense. Plug and play for both Mac and PC

– The Porsche 911 mouse is quite light, but has significant weight in the back. It is also very stable on my mahogany desk, where at times the Elite can feel more top-heavy and flippable.

– The white color is lovely, and the Porsche letters on the trunk are a nice reminder of the Porsche legacy. It also comes in a rich black shade.


Not-Good Things – Porsche Computermaus

—- Unknown reliability so far

—- Middle button is hard to depress (to open a new window or tab), but this may loosen with time after a break-in period


—- There is no auxiliary button besides scroll, middle, left and right click. Most new mice have more buttons

—- No discernible way to program anything special, unknown price (this was a gift.  Thanks Dad!)

—- Biggest Problem so Far – No Side Scroll!!  This is a huge fault versus competing products.  You expect Porsche drivers to grab a browser frame arrow and shuffle it to the right, like this is 1999?

—- Side Scroll is mandatory for me, generally, for best office productivity.

Porsche Design Computermaus – Unboxing


Porsche Design Computermaus – Closeups


Porsche Design Computermaus – vs HP Elite

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