Car-Revs-Daily Recommends: Black Magic Tire Foam — DIY Touchless Shine + Cuts Brake Dust/Wheel Grease

Tires are by far the dirtiest and most soiled part of any car.

This makes sense — they touch all the ickiest parts of the road and rubber traps dirt far more deeply than painted finishes of any kind.

Black Magic Tire Wet Foam is my preferred option for a touchless shine on any tire.

Note: the tires can be wet or dry when you apply, but generally this should go on after a car wash has cleaned the tires as best it can.

No endless pumping of a washer handle is needed with this aerosol, nor is there any real need to wipe or rinse (the tires) afterward.

Simply shake the can, coat the tires from about six inches away — and let it do its stuff.

This is a sophisticated de-greaser that dissolves into the air without any wiping needed.

Just repeating that last part because it is quite important for lazy DIY guys like us.

The 2009 Porsche Panamera S’ alloy footwear needed a real shine along with the Continentals.

The high-performance Sport Chrono-equipped model kicks up a fair amount of brake dust onto the 19-inch alloys. This is no fault of Porsches — the best brake pads make dust. Period.

But getting that grime off the wheels is not easy, even with a simple split five-spoke alloy. There are nooks and crannies for the lugnuts that are nearly impossible to get clean with any car wash soap.

Black Magic Tire Foam also works really well as loosening this baked-on grime from the wheels.

This is not strictly a recommended use of the product, and this powerful cleaning agent can ultimately strip away some layers of alloy wheel coating.

Therefore, if using Black Magic Tire Foam on the wheels and exhaust pipes, as I do, requires a final rinse just to make sure the roughest detergents do not harm the alloys.

All in – this $7 can of Black Magic will shine up to 36 tires. Simply spray on and walk away!

Ten minutes later: *Poof*

Clean tires and wheels!

But what if you do not have a Porshce? Will this work on a Chevy Sonic or a Subaru? Yessirs, of course.

This product could even be part of your gas-station routing, except the nozzle does get a bit foamy in your hand after continuous use.

But overall, versus manually pumping a spray bottle and wiping it off by hand — Black Magic wins hands down in my DIY playbook.

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