Found! The Lowest-Grip Surface on Planet Earth – Wet and Frozen Tennessee Red Clay

Second to the military’s new anti-traction gel: the red clay of the Tennessee Valley must be the slickest surface known to man.

Red clay soil has a variety of strange properties depending on its temperature and internal water content. In the middle of winter just between Douglas Lake and the big highway, off CR 411: I found my bliss.

The roads nearby are also pretty thrilling to drive for someone with too much city traffic experience.

My back-seat companions Drake and Tank also liked this rest stop: check out little Tank sprinting his heart out to catch up with his cherished squeaky toy.

Subaru hood is up to do my gas-station tango de amor: unplugging the negative battery terminal to make the ECU reset without errors. Note to self: aftermarket turbocharger from race-car perhaps not best idea for long-term reliability on your only daily driver.