M Performance Doubles the Drama and Road Presence of 335i, 535i and M3 With Huge Upgrades List

BMW’s M Performance team definitely has a style all its own. Centered around dark-grey carbon-fiber racing enhancements – the upgrades go all the way under the hood, in the cabin and even out back with the performance exhausts heard below.

This is a comparison between the standard 535i exhaust note, versus the M Performance 535i’s exhaust note. Very convincing evidence, I must say. Hopefully the file plays for you.


Here’s a showcase of some of the parts available from M Performance. Despite the emphasis on the 335i and only the M versions of the SUVs —- the vast majority of these upgrades will fit any 3 series or BMW SUV.

The BMW racing livery is also pretty appealing. Sticker = bad. Unless they are racing stickers! Then stickers very good.

So what is the advantage of ordering OEM upgrades when modifying you ride? Almost everything that is BMW approved will be far better quality than any auto parts store could dream of offering.

The second advantage is that the installation can be a full-service job — have parts shipped to your BMW dealer or order them together, and install there at your next oil change.

Sounds good to me!

The only tiny issue is the price. Individual parts do not seem that outrageous, but to to a full work-up of the vehicle styles (like shown in the images here) will be at least a few thousand dollars.

But will it make you cherish your BMW even more? Oh yes.

Best value / bang-for-buck: the black kidney grilles. Gives any car a totally new look for just a few hundred dollars.

My favorites are the exhaust upgrades and the M3 steering wheel with racing lights in its top rim. Very cool stuff on the official page here. 

Main Gallery


5 series with M Performance Upgrades

M3 with M Performance Upgrades


3 series with M Performance Upgrades

BMW M Performance Power Kit for BMW 335i

Customized for more adrenaline: The Ultimate Driving machine gets an exhilarating boost in performance thanks to the new M Performance Power Kit. All BMW 335i and xDrive Sedans can now be retrofitted for an unprecedented level of acceleration and speed. These new Performance Power Kits enable new car buyers and current owners to augment the authentic motorsport heritage that is present in all BMW vehicles.

The BMW M Performance Power Kit features engine tuning software and a new M Performance Engine Air Intake system. In addition, a replacement M Performance Engine Cover and Rocker Panel Decals provide the mark of distinction this retrofit deserves.

  • – Horsepower increased to 320hp (20hp gain).
  • – Torque is increased to 332 lb-ft (automatic transmission) and 317 lb-ft (manual transmission).
  • – Acceleration improved by 0.2 seconds from 0 mph to 60 mph and 0.5 seconds from 50 mph to 75 mph.
  • – More dynamic accelerator pedal calibration in Sport Mode.
  • – “Exhaust burble” sound during engine overrun conditions.
  • – Adheres to rigorous BMW Group test standards.
  • – Vehicles retain the original emission certification.
  • – Vehicles maintain the original fuel efficiency ratings.
  • – The vehicle’s original BMW Limited Warranty is not affected.
  • – 4 Year / 50K miles when purchased with the new vehicle.
  • – 2 years / unlimited miles or the balance of the new vehicle warranty, whichever is greater.

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