Future Design Talent Showcase: Angelo Granata and His Lancia Delta Integrale Concept

It will take some stunning design ideas to shock Lancia back to fighting form of the 037 and Delta HF days. So here they are. And from an Italian local, no less!

Sometimes passion for a brand gets so brittle that designers have no option but to try and DIY it.

Angelo Granata‘s Delta Integrale is very promising, because it appears to crack a design riddle that still flummoxes Fiat and Alfa-Romeo.

What is the Fiat design issue? Execution. They need Angelo Granata‘s help.

Beautiful concepts, hideous production cars. Chopped front overhangs grow and grow like Pinocchio’s nose during crash testing simulations.

The reality of Italian volume car manufacture will set in over three years — and even the Brera turned out hideous.

Lancia is firmly D.O.A. on future Fiat product plans, but things are not good for the survivors either.

Example? Alfa-Romeo has yet to ship a single 4C to America. The 4C, for all its performance, is very ugly as a production car. But reliability fails are what is keeping it off the cargo boats.

Fiat, Alfa and Lancia all need a firm style reset. This makes sense when you see some of the design exec’s at Maserati these days. I am all for experience, but some new blood never hurts.

So without further ado, here is Granata‘s vision for a reborn Delta Integrale.




Chi Sono

Translated from Italian.

My name is Angelo Granata , I am 24 years old and live in Reggio Emilia.

My interests are varied, but the things I am most passionate about, as you’ll see by browsing through the pages of this website, are the engines, computer science and design.

I attempt several years in the creation of models of cars , a passion born back in 2006 , before starting with simple retouching of existing car , then designing entirely new three-dimensional models through programs such as 3DStudioMax , Maya , with the help of the powerful graphics engine MentalRay .

Over time I have acquired a good experience, but I continue to deepen my knowledge more and more, constantly comparing them with other designers , each time experiencing technical gradually better.

But being first and foremost a programmer , I also like to create websites , specializing in the use of dynamic CMS like WordPress , Joomla, PHPbb , suitably modified and adjusted according to their purposes.

Thanks to an excellent knowledge of Adobe Photoshop , HTML, PHP , CSS , I deal with all the graphics and programming , adapting the final product for every need.

Please contact me for any further information!


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