2015 Subaru Legacy Concept Directly Previews Next LGT

Orig Published on: Nov 21, 2013 @ 11:13

Subaru is on a roll. Finally!

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Factories can barely keep up with demand, sales have logged double-digit gains for the last five years in a row, and the cars are finally reaching their potential.

The 2015 WRX and this stunning, upscale 2015 Legacy Concept show huge gains for Subaru in design, technology, and brand image.

As love-able as the bug-eye WRX, decades of frumpy Outback wagons with no power, and a tippy Forester are: Subaru is much better known for its amazing chassis and performance layouts.

Tech and style (and luxury) have all taken a trunk-mounted seat for Subaru over the years. Perhaps through concentration of limited resources on the engines, or just less motivation to address woeful styling and dreadful cabins.

The WRX at the LA show is the production version. And knowing Subaru, the real thing is probably being built as we speak for arrival at US dealers in early Spring 2014.

The Legacy  Concept is a broader study, with styling embellishments in the wheels, lighting, aerodynamics, and roofline.

Even so. This concept is a HUGE styling success.

Finally,  a nose that is not so embarrassing, a tail that looks premium and performance-oriented, and a cabin worthy of near-$40,000 loaded pricing.

Oh? The best part: the new BRZ-derived turbo boxer that should easily push mileage up by almost 10 mpg on both city and highway measures.

With to Advanced Tourer Concept and an off-roading BRZ on the table for Subaru as well, the loss of the TriBeCa might just make room for a new Legacy GT wagon.


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Future Legacy GT Cues Very Exciting!

As many of you may know, my daily driver is a well-worn 2005 Legacy GT wagon. I love it so much. Every time I get back inside it after a press loaner car,  I am reminded of what true sports-car steering and driving positions are.

Thrilled to see some of the personal DIY modifications from my Subie appear to be coming on the official next-generation cars!

Subaru Advanced Tourer Concept – Smooth Roof

My DIY 2005 Legacy GT Smooth Roof

This cost me $2000 to finish. It is a nightmare project, and a pro body shop is the only way to get these results.

On the plus side, I was able to sell the roof rack rails to an o5 XT owner who wanted the LGT’s lower rails. Not me. All gone!! When was the last time anyone used a factory roof rack? 1988?

Location of first image is Santee State Park in South Carolina, where the red clay is stickier than superglue and 5-feet-deep at minimum.

This one is somewhere in Wisconsin.

2015 Legacy Concept – LED Brake Light Bar

My DIY LED Brake Light Bar (From 02-09 Cadillac STS, custom re-built).

If you are dying for all the details on how to build this $20 LED brake light, stay tuned for a how-to article in the coming months. Or you can cruise over to NASIOC.com – where you may find my username in the *BANNED* section. Good times.



2015 Subaru Legacy Concept – Gallery

CarRevsDaily.com 2015 Legacy Animated GIF

Image credits from launch: MotorTrend WOT


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