Car Revs Daily – Outage Apologies and Site Status Updates

Cherished readers!  We are thrilled to be back online, and sorry for the abrupt 404 URLs last week.

Many Pinterest and other social links will remain broken until we can resolve other pressing site issues – namely, keeping it online and packed with the latest car news, artwork, and expert reviews.

As you may have noted – we are about a month behind. During this giant technical snafu, dozens of posts are still either in Word on my desktop waiting to be re-uploaded, or perhaps gone altogether– for the articles I wrote online only.

Que sera, sera. Tech troubles are nothing new for any business – let alone one so small we have yet to earn a penny. The new ad integrations are pretty unique and hopefully enhance the site design and user experience.

To keep things relatively uncluttered, the layouts will not have a dynamic background roller. This should also improve page load times – which will be abysmal for about the next two weeks while everything loads.

So what the heck happened last week?

There are some very angry people in the world, and I am one of them when I feel strongly about something. Like a megaphone with Photoshop — things might not always go every brand’s way every time.

But while I am disgusted by Fiat and Chrysler Group (ps — get a name already) running their brands into the ground — and shared that very visually last week — you may also note that there are four other Ram Trucks articles with nothing but helpful buyers guide info and insights. On this same website.

Also articles about every single other Chrysler Group brand, with special attention to Maserati and Jeep. Yes, the Viper sucks and the Dart’s steering wheel is directly from the Calibre.

Did I mention that? Nope.

Oh well, politics is messy and I do not want anything to do with it. Too many wild nights in my skeleton closet. Regardless, we apologize for the outage and 404ing of the other site. If I had read some web hosting reviews prior to signing up with other company…. that would have been smart.

Ta ta for now.  More soon.

Special thanks to Brian Lis , a web ninja with a heart of gold.

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Final notes:

Ram Trucks declined an idea for a NOH8 truck for Detroit, so just the Mossy Oak is center stage in Cobo hall this month.

Animated History of the Chevrolet Suburban – right-click to download

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