How Would 2012 Corvette Daytona Longtail Fare in Vmax Challenge with LMP1 Cars?

The 2012 Corvette Daytona is part of my Chevy Racing learning process, and it is a bit confusing with numerous Corvette-branded racecars in very different series.

For example, the previous Grand Am sports car classes are almost a dead ringer for the Porsche 962 era of Le Mans. Grand Am merged with the American Le Mans Series, and the classes for sportscars will be covered in a future article.

For now – a bit of blue-sky thinking to go with the 2012 Corvette Daytona’s namesake track. What if all the fastest racecars in the world… got together on a huge, steeply-banked oval like Daytona for a 2014 Vmax challenge?

Let’s ignore the problems or potential stumbling blocks for a moment, in favor of just dreaming – basically.

A few background items first:

— Le Mans and the Mulsanne – was until 1955 the world’s exibition stage for ultimate high-speed performance. Yes, the track has major corners and major back straight-aways as well. Scary braking all around.

— Chicanes added in two parts near middle of Mulsanne straight to slow the cars down before sharp right-hander at end of narrow straight-away.

— Major challenge, therefore, was for cars to get as fast as possible mainly on the straights, and secondly in corners

— That is no longer the real challenge at LeMans or any racing series at the moment. Rules and regs cap speeds just below 200mph for almost all racing classes where rubber meets the road

— Aerodynamics are getting better, making Vmax runs safer now than ever.

— Which would win? R18 e-tron Ultra? Porsche 919? Toyota?

Rigid Industries LED highbeams! Nice.

— This Corvette racecar would certainly be in the running.

— Daytona, as a NASCAR track, is jammed with cars like an IKEA on a Saturday morning.

— Fewer cars, safer at Vmax.

How about it sports car WEC fans? HDI FAP revival!?

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