New Supercar or Vintage Racecar: The Case for Recreations + Quiz: Which is the Fake?

Here is the case for exotic, hand-crafted replica vintage racecars: They Exist.

They did not hit the walls, or churn tires through bodywork, or reek of urine. They start the first time, and can be titled and driven on the roads.

At Motor Classic & Competition in Westchester County, New York — the all-time best hero racecars come back to life, rumble onto 2014 streets, and perhaps even find a home in your garage.

Most race-winning examples of anything need to be treasured and preserved; maintained and respected.

To put it in plain language:

  • the GT40s in this article are fakes

  • only the Mustang is real

Recreations, painstakingly-created, and worth $650,000-plus each.  The Gulf car is officially the only GT40 replica the gasoline brand has authorized, or so they say…

But those designs are still ink on paper. And not many are trying to build reproductions of race-losers. We want the all-time, global hero champion elite. The 917Ks, the GT40 Mark IVs, the Jaguar XJ-13s.

Could you own a real one?!  Yes!  You should.

Even so, having a backup or two that you can drive in the rain, in the city, in traffic?  That is the best way to bring these racing legends back to life.

But as with all supercar purchases: caution is highly advised. To the extreme, in this case.

Be demanding in your requirements, as this is ultimately your future race-winner.  But this time, in real life.

With license plates front and back. Imagine it!


1966 Ford GT40 – Official Gulf Replica


1967 Ford GT40 Mark IV – Replica




1970 Ford Mustang Mach 1 – Sold

Image credits and more information about these cars and many, many more can be found:

MOTOR CLASSIC & COMPETITION CORP – Sports, Racing and GT Cars Since 1979

Phone. 914-997-9133

350 Adams Street

Bedford Hills, NY, 10507

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